Short Vacation (Part 3)

This is an old old post. 
Sorry peeps. 
I hadnt have the time to upload those pics as the photos' sizes are rather big. 

As I am busy preparing my paper now for tomorrow, 
so i wont elaborate a lot here.
I will just let my pictures do the talking ok? 

Anyway this post is the continuation from the Singapore trip back in July. 
Check them out!

Posing along the road. haha

A unique name for MRT Station

i couldnt help but to step in and 'wash' my feet. haha

Posers of the day. lol

lame photo. lol

Suntec City Wealth Fountain

Owh. im hungry. Let us go for TeoChew restaurant to have our lunch. Our usual favourite spot each time we are here. It is situated at Boon Lay. =)

this dish is a cold dish. contains duck meat i think.

This noodle is made from chives

There was this Singapore actor having lunch next to our table. Too bad we didnt get to take this face. So i pretended to ask sis to pose while my intention was to take his photo. wakaka! :X

I forgot his name already. owh!

Sis with him. haha

Last but not least, my favourite desert ----->

My favourite - Yam paste! yummy