I *Heart* You!

Full time companion wherever i go. ❤
My companion when i'm in Penang =D

Interns is finally here. And it's my third day already.
Today was the best! I had the opportunity to do some lab tests and observed the processes going on. wee.
Anyway, it is my first time im staying in Penang since i travelled to and fro from Taiping everyday.

Finally i got to settle myself down. Room is uber huge.
But i'm staying with guys as my housemates (ie. engineers and accountants)
For sure you know i'm abit stressful staying with them. hmm.

Anyway forgot bout that.
I'm going back to Taiping tomorrow again! whee.
I miss my family, bed & home.

That's all peeps.

P/s: My first post of the month. ❤