RIP Uncle!

It's effing suffering when I can't attend my uncle's funeral. Cause im dealing with my finals now!~~ what a coincidence~

I wish to see him one last time. Whatever I'm doing now will be pretty much affected by the sorrow I'm currently going through.

Dear God,
Please ensure that I'm able to pull this through & stay strong during this period.

It's so sudden that I still couldn't accept it. Where should I get the 24/7 service on repairing car anymore?!! I think nowhere. I was just talking to him last week while sending my car for double check up and now your telling me that he is gone??!!!

I know this is life. I have to just admit it. Anyway thanks god for making my life wonderful while he was here. I gonna miss you uncle! You are the best uncle aka army aka mechanic I ever have in my heart.~~