Horien Eye Secret Launch @ 1 Utama ❤

Horien Optic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd launched a range of contact lens products at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama a few weeks ago.

Can you spot my signature on the board? :P

Since I was there super early, I walked around the area while waiting for the rest of the bloggers to come. Kak Lily was there too when I was hanging around the area. Spent most of the time chitchatting with Kak Lily and taking photos around. :P

There's a photobooth for the public to take photos and bring the photos home to keep as memories. Since there were no one at the booth yet, we managed to capture a few shots and brought the photo home. (:

Photo Booth 

With the cute Kak Lily and I (:

Horien Eye Secret sets itself different from the rest with its unique formula of 38% water content, as compared to 55% in most contact lenses in the market. The low percentage of water content means that the lenses do not need to draw as much moisture from its surrounding, thus has less tendency to dry up the eyes.

Horien Eye Secret Monthly Soft Contact Lenses

Coupled with the use of natural moisturising agent Sodium Hyaluronate and water locking agent Trehalose, Horien contact lenses treat your eyes to a moist, comfortable experience. On the other hand, its aspheric and HD technology also promote clearer vision.

Horien Eye Secret 1 Day Soft Contact Lenses

As for colour lens, which is becoming a must for the fashion-conscious, the unique BMW 3D Wrap Colouring Method ensures that colour additives do not leach. Besides, the technology also creates smoother and thinner lens when compared with traditional sandwich method.

Horien Eye Secret Colour Contact Lenses

Miss Shin Kong and Mr Baki were the emcee of the day. The event started slightly later than the specified time. Miss Yumi Wong, Horien ambassador, Yumi Wong of local productions Mokissu and Ah Beng: Impossible fame, were also present at the launch much to the delight of her fans.

Other than that, there was performance from Elecoldxhot to make the grand launch more merrier.

The company's pad printing facility uses a female's old which protects the corner and encourages sharper vision. In addition to that, multi-purpose solution, lubricating drops and fresh solution are also produced under rigorous procedure to complement the lenses.

Certificates for Horien Eye Secret

I can't wait to try out their contact lenses and do review about it. So stay tuned to my blog alright? For more info, check out their Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/HorienOpticMalaysia or visit their website @ http://www.eyesecret.com.my.

Yumi Wong, Horien Eye Secret ambassador

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