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A few weeks ago, I had so much fun playing water and I gotta say it's been awhile since I last played with water. *lololol* Malaysia hosted a whole new event altogether, which involved a massive 1000-foot water slide lining Lebuh Wadi Ehsan, Putrajaya.

It was none other than Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia, organised by Monkey Theory Sdn. Bhd., in collaboration with Miss Event World, together with the support of Perbadanan Putrajaya. *hooray*

Yours truly with red water gun and blue colour float.
Slide The City is a family friendly slip-and-slide water party event. The idea to bring Slide the City to Malaysia was initiated by Monkey Theory Sdn. Bhd., consisting of a group of eight aspiring young minds led by the able guidance of entrepreneur Leong Delon. Although young, Monkey Theory is not without experience, having successfully organised and implemented other notable events in the country.

I got to try out the unlimited slides and I was all ready to slip and slide with my sister! The weather was perfect to slip and slide on that day. We were also given water guns and floats upon registration.

Photo courtesy of Slide The City Malaysia.
Since I took the morning slot, it was already packed with cars and people when I reached there around 7.30 am. It was bright and sunny in the morning and most of the participants were already there to slip and slide. 

Posers in the house! :P
I was all ready to shoot at my sister :P
Officiated by Tan Sri Datuk Seri Azlani Dr M. Mahadevan, the event marked the debut of the global slip n’ slide phenomenon in Malaysia.

Since its 2013 debut in the United States, Slide the City has developed an almost cult-like following worldwide, having reached more than two million people in major cities worldwide which include, among others, Japan and Hong Kong.

As you can see that there are 3 lanes of slides to avoid queuing for too long. I tried the first lane for my first slide and the lane only fits for one people at one time. I was so nervous when I slip and slide. I could not imagine what would happen during the ride. 

However, the slide was fun. I had fun sliding through the 1000-feet slides with my sister at the back of me. She was practically using the water gun and kept squirting non-stop at me.

Be careful to hold on to the float tightly as you do not want the float to slip out from your hand and you do not want to slide down to the slides without the float as it might cause some cuts on your body during friction of the body with the slides. 

It would be best if you lie flat on your float instead of sitting on the float. If you choose to sit on the float, be sure that your butt does not touch the ground as it will halt your float and yourself from sliding to the finishing line. 

I personally experienced the lying and sitting on the float and I would prefer to place my body flat on the float instead. Be sure to keep an eye on the front as you do not want to bang against the person in front of you and try to control the speed of the float by grabbing onto the side of the slides or anything which can halt you from sliding faster. 

The finishing line was pretty crowded as many of the participants gathered at the exit to walk to the starting line again.  Thank you Choulyin for helping me to take a candid shot of us. 

Since I tried the first lane, I decided to try the second lane since the lane is so much bigger and a group of 2 to 3 is able to slip and slide together till the finishing line. 

I find that the larger lane which is the second lane is harder compared to the first lane. This is because I find it hard to control myself from sliding too fast and my body tend to turn 360 degree most of the time during the slide. 

Photo courtesy of Slide The City Malaysia
Having sold out tickets well ahead of time since it was announced in August, Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia drew in approximately 10,000 visitors over the two days, surpassing the expected number of visitors. Taking advantage of the school holidays, students and parents with their young children made up a significant portion of visitors, although the event did see its fair share of visitors from all walks of life, young and old alike. 

With my sister (:
Besides experiencing the slide, visitors were also seen taking advantage of the various other activities held during the carnival-like event which also featured live music, food trucks, games and a host of other activities set to offer fun for the whole family. 

I had the chance to witness the UV Camera to see how much protection do I get from the sunblock I have used everyday. I could see the sunscreen on the UV camera immediately after I tried on the Nivea Sun. 

Although designed to be a fun event, Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia also championed a more serious and benevolent cause. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of passes were channelled towards National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) in support of patients suffering from kidney disease. Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia also aimed to raise awareness of obesity, targeting a healthy lifestyle in a fun and engaging event in which the whole family could participate. 

With Joey G, the host of the day (: 
Together with Spritzer as title sponsor, Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia is jointly sponsored by NIVEA Sun, Uber, MY FM, ERA fm, hitz fm, GoPro and Playboy Condoms as official sponsors while MaxMan.TV served as the event’s official online partner. For more information on Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia, visit Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia’s official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/slidethecitymalaysia)

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