[Event] Mamonde Is Set To Reach Malaysia on August 2016! ❤

AmorePacific Malaysia held a launch preview of its latest brand, Mamonde from South Korea (french world for 'My World') which is set to reach Malaysian shores in August 2016 with the opening of its beauty counter in Aeon Bandar Utama. I seriously can't wait for it! *winkz*

Mamonde is the leading global premium cosmestic brand that offers a wide array of skin care, and makeup products to suit every woman's daily needs. Price range of its products is expected to be between RM6 - RM169 which is rather reasonable. (: Each blogger was given a stalk of yellow rose which is their colour theme.

Mon and I. 
At the launch preview, members of the media and bloggers were given an immersive brand experience as they enter the 'World of Mamonde'. The event commenced with an introduction of the brand followed by a walk to the 'Mamonde Garden.' 

Ms Margaret Chin, General Manager of AmorePacific Malaysia
Mamonde's skincare is the first of its kind in the cosmetics market as it uses only flowers as its key ingredient in the formulation for all its products. 

At the garden, guests were given a detailed briefing on the R&D of Mamonde which covers the 5 key flowers used in Mamonde formulation, flower science technologies and its floral properties. The walk continues until they reach Mamonde's product experience area and finally a 'Flower Beauty Class' that captivates participants with all things floral.

Hence a photo of myself taken at the entrance of 'World of Mamonde'.
Among Mamonde's star products include First Energy Essence/Serum, Cover Powder Cushion, Age Control Power Eye Cream, Moisture Ceramide Cream, Lotus Micro Cleansing Foam, Rose Water Toner and Floral Hydro Cream.

First Energy Essence and First Energy Serum
I tried out the First Energy Essence and Serum and fell in love with it immediately. The texture was so light and it absorbs into the skin immediately. (: Love the scent of the serum and essence as well. (:

The Honeysuckle is an absorbent plant with its ability to absorb nutrition from barren soil to deliver nutrients fast to vital parts of its plant. Similarly for the skin, the Honeysuckle delivers nutrients found in the flower to the skin for a smoother and firmer skin that is vitalised from within. 

First Energy Essence
Up next is the Mamonde Floral Hydro Cream. It contains Narcissus which offers excellent moisturising benefits i.e natural hydrators and ceramide of up to 24 hours for flawless hydration. 

Floral Hydro Cream
The Lotus Flower range on the other hand consists of three types which are Lotus Micro Lip & Eye Remover, Cleansing Oil and Cleansing Foam. The Lotus Flower has the ability to cleanse and purify while providing antioxidant protection. It contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids that help exfoliate the outer layer of the skin, allowing younger cells to rise to the surface of the skin to restore a youth look.

Lotus Micro range - Lip & Eye Remover, Cleansing Oil and Cleansing Foam
One of the product from Mamonde that I like apart from the First Energy Serum and Essence is the Moisture Ceramide cream. Extracted from the Hibiscus, it helps to control oil and balance up the moisture on the skin. It comes in two types - Light and Intense Cream. 

Moisture Ceramide Cream in Light
Moisture Ceramide in Light / Intense
Next is the Age Control range which contains Camellia. The Camellia is a resilient plant that thrives in a wide range of weather conditions even through winter. Its resilience and other therapeutic properties help protect the skin from free radical damage and reduce the signs of aging for a youthful-looking skin. The texture is lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin. (: 

Age Control Power Serum
As for the Pure White Ultra Active, it contains Magnolia, an ancient type of flower which has been around for more than 100 million years, has numerous medicinal values. It also has an excelllent effect skin whitening and post-inflammatory pigmentation inhibition. 

Pure White Ultra Active
Other than skincare, they also has come up with makeup products which I am looking forward to try out too. Their Jelly Blusher caught my attention immediately the moment I saw it. I am eager to try it out once it is launched in Malaysia soon. (: 

 Jelly Blusher
On the other hand, the coverage of the Cover Powder Cushion was pretty good and since I am a huge fan of cushion pact foundation, I will be looking forward to try this out (: 

Cover Powder Cushion
Upon looking into the Creamy Tint, I fell in love with them immediately. The different hues of red caught my attention and I love how it brings some moisture on the lips without drying my lips. (:

Creamy Tint in various shades (:
Apart from that, they also have hair shadow is a temporary hair chalk for those who wishes to try on some colours on their hair without having the hair to be permanently dyed. 

Pang Pang Hair Shadow
Total Solution Moisture BB Cream
Mamonde also organised a small contest for the bloggers to join. We were told to create our own Mamonde Inspiration using pencil and flower petals on the drawing block and take a photo of the art work. After that we were required to upload it on Instagram and hashtag #MamondeMY and #MyMamondeInspiration

The top 5 most creative photos with creative captions will walk away with the pre-launched cosmetic set from Mamonde and the winners will be the first to try out the Mamonde products in Malaysia.  Each of the bloggers were given 30 minutes to complete the art work. 

My art work inspired by Mamonde. What do you think? 
And I was so lucky that I won the cosmetic set from Mamonde. I jumped with joy because I got to lay my hands on their pre-launched cosmetic set from Mamonde! Thank you Mamonde Malaysia for the lovely gift! *hugs* 

A photo with the First Energy Serum and Essence with Mon as well (:
I had so much fun trying out the products and seriously I am looking forward to visit their first beauty counter on August 2016. 

Thank you Mamonde Malaysia for having me. (: For more information on their products, please check out their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Mamonde.MY

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