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Hello readers! I am back again after a few months of hiatus. From today onwards, I will be updating my blog regularly to keep my blog alive. =) Today I will be sharing with you guys the LANEIGE Fresh Calming Line which has already been in Malaysia since July 2017. All my friends know that I am a huge fan of LANEIGE because I constantly updated my skincare routine with their new products whenever they launched it. 

I have been eyeing the new Fresh Calming Line back in April when I was travelling to Korea and fell in love with their Morning Mask when I tried it on. The mask was simply amazing and I told my mum that I would get that when I went back to the shop in Myeongdong again. Unfortunately, we did not have much time left at Myeongdong so I had no choice but to get it at the airport before I went back to Malaysia. Unfortunately at that time, the Morning Mask was sold out in the counter at the airport and I had to skip it. =/ 

Back in May, a friend of mine told me that Fresh Calming Line will be available in Malaysia in July. I was patiently waiting for them to arrive and finally I had the chance to try them on! *winkz*

Laneige Fresh Calming Toner + Morning Mask and ice pops. Thank you Laneige Malaysia! ❤
LANEIGE's Fresh Calming Line is infused with Laneige's Skin Equalising™ technology which does not only soothes the oily and dehydrated skin's surface but also fundamentally moisturises it by controlling the creation irritants in the skin, thereby maintaining a stable skin balance with consistency. The products are free from oil, animal ingredients, synthetic pigments, triethanolamine and also NOT hypoallergenic and dermatogically tested to ensure suitability for even the most sensitive skin.

Photo credits to Laneige.
LANEIGE's new line contains two natural ingredients - LYCHEE and DEEP SEA WATER to keep skin  smooth and moisturised. This natural lychee extract in Fresh Calming line helps to soothe the skin while removing irritants from it. It breaks up activated moisturising factors and turns them into protective ingredients that keep the skin healthy. Lychee skin also contains polyphenols, which has a strong antioxidant effect and functions to soothe the skin not only on the surface but from deep within.

Deep sea water on the other hand is rich in minerals and has the ability to sufficiently moisturise the sensitive skin and reinforce the moisture barrier. It also helps to create Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF), which exist naturally in the skin to keep it hydrated. Deep sea water also has an antioxidant effect and keeps skin protected from external stress such as UV rays.

The Fresh Calming line consists of 4 products in total which are Fresh Calming Gel Cleanser, Fresh Calming Toner, Fresh Calming Serum and Fresh Calming Morning MaskSo today I will be sharing my thoughts on these two products - Fresh Calming Toner and Fresh Calming Morning Mask.  

Let me start off by reviewing this Fresh Calming Toner. The toner helps to resolve skin issues by soothing and reinforcing the skin's moisture barrier with natural ingredients - Lychee and Deep Sea Water. The toner helps to maintain the water to oil ratio on the skin and leaves skin feeling cool and refreshed. 

Fresh Calming Toner 250 ml - RM120
I fell in love with the oil-free toner immediately upon trying it for the first time. The scent is so refreshing and I enjoyed sniffing them when I applied it on my face. 

This Fresh Calming Toner is not an alcohol-based toner which does not leave my skin feeling dry after using it. Skin feels hydrated instantly. This lightweight and oil-free texture is definitely suitable for those who have combination oily to dry skin. 

Besides that, you can also opt to soak the cotton pad with the toner and place the cotton pad on the face (place it like a mask) to soothe the skin. This will definitely help to soothe / reduce the redness of the skin. 


Next product is the Fresh Calming Morning Mask. This is an innovative air mousse type mask with fine particles that absorbs well into the skin. The mask comprises of high contents of lychee and panthenol as an additional soothing ingredient to provide a powerful and immediate soothing effect upon application. 

Fresh Calming Morning Mask 80 g - RM115
The morning mask can be applied as the last step of morning skin care or before applying makeup to ensure a more perfect makeup application. The product also does NOT contain any oil, animal ingredients, synthetic pigments or triethanolamine, and is both hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Mousse texture of the Morning Mask
Apply Fresh Calming Morning Mask to improve skin condition fast during busy mornings since it is absorbed fast into the skin. Since the mask is easily absorbed onto the skin, try to apply the mask section by section of the face to ensure that the whole face is fully covered with the mask. 

You can proceed with putting on makeup after using this mask as it is a leave-on mask. However, I personally find that the mask is slightly sticky to my liking. What I did was to pat my face with the Fresh Calming Toner again on the face to ensure no stickiness on my face before proceeding to applying makeup. 

Massage the product slowly into the skin
Whenever I do that, I notice that my skin is visibly softer and more supple (dry skin is well moisturised) and the redness around my nose area is reduced. I put on my makeup after that and I realised that my makeup tends to stay longer than usual. 


Overall, I am satisfied with both toner and morning mask from LANEIGE Fresh Calming line. The toner especially has a refreshing lychee scent which I enjoyed sniffing a lot. *winkz* I like how this toner helps to moisturise and at the same time soothe the redness on my skin.

On the other hand, as for morning mask, I love the idea of applying it every morning as the last step of skincare routine as it does really help my makeup stays longer than usual whenever I use the mask. The only drawback of the mask is that I find that it is not suitable to leave it instead of rinsing if off because I find that it's slightly sticky to my liking. So I use my toner to lightly pat it on the face to remove the stickiness feeling on the face.

I would definitely purchase them again if I finish the products in the near future. This Fresh Calming line is worth recommended to those who has sensitive skin! =) 

Let's get moisturised and soothing skin with LANEIGE Fresh Calming line
The LANEIGE Fresh Calming line is available at all LANEIGE beauty counters and boutiques nationwide.

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