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Holla guys! I am back with another beauty review and this time I am going to talk solely about moisturize/hydrate your skin. I know for the fact that the beauty market is currently going for clean/vegan ingredients these days to protect the skin from harmful ingredients and at the same to preserve Mother Nature. And today I am so excited to share about Korea's most-loved vegan beauty brand, essenHERB which is finally here in Malaysia! 

A short introduction on the brand - essenHERB uses honest ingredients and prescriptions to capture the wonderful effects of nature in our skin-safe formulas. Based on extensive research, essenHERB creates skincare that are effective and gentle, even on sensitive skin. 

essenHERB is
    • no animal-derived ingredients are used in the production of all essenHERB products  
    • essenHERB never tests on animals 
    • essenHERB searches the world for effective natural ingredients to make their products  
    • essenHERB ingredients are rated "Low Hazard" (0-2) on the Green Grade Scale  
    • no paraben, no artifical pigments, no artificial fragrances and no excessive packaging  

The Bulgarian Cazulac Valley, where Bulgarian roses grow, has a lot of fog and sunshine, so it is a good place to maintain their deep scent. The roses, which symbolise excellent fragrance love, have been loved by palace people since the Chinese Tang Dynasty. At that time, the savage beauty, Yang Guifei has been known to use rose water for the soft, radiant skin. The exceptional softening and moisturising effect of the Bulgarian Rose Line aids recovery from damages and delivers supple, silky smooth skin.

Bulgarian Rose Foam Cleanser 150ml - RM69.90 

Let me start off by reviewing Bulgarian Rose Foam Cleanser. The Bulgarian Rose Foam Cleanser rinses off the skin clearly with supplying moisture. 

The foam is rather dense which the foam can be formed again after mixing with water again. It cleanses the skin thoroughly without stripping off the moisture of my face. In fact, it leaves my skin feeling soft after washing it off. 

The next product would be the Bulgarian Rose Toner. This Rose Toner is a moisturizing, nourishing toner that strengthens the moisture retentive layer to create a more balanced skin. I like the fact that it has the rose scent which soothes and hydrates the skin the moment you start to apply it on your face. 

Bulgarian Rose Toner 200ml - RM79.90 

The toner has slightly thicker consistency than the usual toner I usually used. Therefore, I do not need a lot of it on my face. Besides that, it does not strip off the moisture on my skin as it does not contain any alcohol ingredients. Therefore, it actually gives my skin an additional layer of moisture which hydrates my skin instantly.

Bear in mind to apply toner on your neck area too as your neck definitely needs some TLC too. 

Next up would be the Bulgarian Rose Ampoule. This ampoule provides revitalising moisture to create healthy skin. 

Bulgarian Rose Ampoule 50ml - RM89.90  

This ampoule is rather unique to me. Normally ampoule comes in a smaller bottle as it contains higher concentrations of active ingredients but rather this ampoule works like an essence to your beauty routine. This step definitely acts as a booster to whatever products you are using to increase the absorption of the product onto the skin. 

This Bulgarian Rose Ampoule definitely does not leave my skin feeling greasy or oily after using because of its gel-type texture. On the other hand, I noticed a more glowing skin after using it for more than a week. Skin definitely feels more plump, supple and hydrated after continuous usage of this ampoule. 

If you are looking for another moisturiser to hydrate your skin, you should try out this Bulgarian Rose Cream. This gel-type moisturiser strengthens the moisture retentive layer of the skin to prevent loss of moisture and nutrients. 

Bulgarian Rose Cream 50ml - RM109.90 

This Bulgarian Rose Cream does not leave my skin feeling greasy and sticky which I feel comfortable right after using it. My skin actually remains soft and smooth for the whole day. I was surprised when I felt my face after that. 

Moving on to the last product which is the Bulgarian Rose Mist. This Rose Mist is a shaking mist that can be applied to dry and sensitive skin whenever needed. This Rose Mist comes in dual phase - oil and water which provides moisture to the skin. It is therefore recommended to shake before use each time.

Bulgarian Rose Mist 100ml - RM69.90 

Weather is pretty hot these days. During CNY period, I suffered from bad rash due to excessive sweat around my neck area. Therefore, I have been sleeping with my air conditioner which indirectly causing my skin to feel slightly drier than usual. Thankfully I have this mist with me and I sprayed on it whenever my skin feels dry or uncomfortable from the rash. 

Overall, I am happy with the products. I have been using for more than a week now and it has been great so far. My skin is constantly hydrated and moisturised from the products I am using. I definitely noticed a softer and more supple skin after using them. I used to suffer from dry skin around the nose area and with this essenHERB Bulgarian Rose Line, I do see the difference around my nose area now.   The only drawback is that this range does not come with an eye cream. I think it will be perfect to include the eye cream in this Bulgarian Rose Line. 

As for the pricing wise, I think it's pretty reasonable too especially it is a vegan beauty brand and they are FREE from paraben, artificial fragrances and pigments. Not many vegan products in the market that have affordable price like them. 

As for packaging wise, I think it's rather unique as they display the key features of each product with a short description of the product. 

For those who wish to try out this essenHERB brand, here's a good news for all of you. You can now get their products at Hermo (link to the website here: http://bit.ly/2U3sPPG) for 20% off from 2nd February till 14th February 2020. You can also visit their official Instagram account @ www.instagram.com/essenherbmy or Facebook @ www.facebook.com/essenHERBMalaysia for more information. 

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    1. Expensive but its good product, usually buy online only, now if purchase with boost app can get RM18 cashback.


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