Euphoric Karaoke Session with Sizzy ❤

It happened on two days after my final exam was over on 25th of September 2010.
I had fun with her and it was our first time singing karaoke together.

Venue: RedBox, Sunway Pyramid
Time: 2.50pm till 6pm

Eventually we still continued our singing session till 6pm. No one actually came and forbided us from picking the songs from the list after 6pm. The waiter came in finally and said they extended our karaoke session till 6.30pm.

When the time comes, we still had lotsa songs to sing but we were running out of time.
We skipped and jumped the songs that we wanted to sing and placed them at the upper list. But to my surprise, the playlist kept on playing and we had no songs to pick from anymore. In the end, we simply picked Korean songs to dance and sing along. LOL!

By 7pm, the playlist was still on. I couldnt stand it anymore.
My voice was getting harsh cause only sis and i went for the session.
We finally gave up and let the playlist kept on playing and walked out from the room. 
Cool! The best karaoke session ever since i never sing till i run out of voice. LOL!

 We even spared sometime to camwhore since we need to rest our throat. We had fun really. And thanks for the wonderful outing in Sunway before i would be laying my feet at Taiping for my three months break and would be starting my internship on the 1st of October at the same time. This would be my last sleepover at Subang before sis continues her Degree level in another place. 

Seriously speaking, Subang is an awesome place to be. I'm gonna miss the food in Subang. =(

Final photo of the singing session ❤

p/s: See you next year KL! =D