It's November baby~ ❤

November is here finally! 5 more days to go before i officially become 22 years old. Two similar numbers appeared this year. 

I must admit that i'm getting older in the sense that im not longer the teenage girl that need to depend 100% on my parents. But i admit that i'm still depending on them. If not, where do i get the money to buy clothes, pay fees, own my cute baby car, shopping and etc etc?

Anyway, I know that i have been abandoning my blog lately. I think i blogged not more than 5 last month. & im pretty sure that last month's outcome wasn't convincing. 

Sorry readers! Internet's down. I focused more on Twitter lately since it's super convenient compared to blog. However i promise to blog a big one this month! And it's coming! *evil grin*

Do we look alike? Teehee. I miss her terribly. =(

*She won't be able to celebrate my big day this year*