24Hours is aint Enough!

For meantime, i don't have the time for myself.
That's why i abandoned my blog for quite sometimes. 
Sigh. Sorry bloggie! =( 
I promised to fill up ur loneliness with loads of photos after i'm free from busy schedule.

Yes. Too busy.
First, two events in a row for me to in-charge.
Basically I'm not the chairman.
But i'm the emcee.

Who said that emcee doesnt need to be prepared?
I do.
I need to prepare my script.
And i have to aware of my speaking in case i speak improper English during the events.

Spare me.
I need more time.
Definitely 24hours is aint enough for me at that moment.
Three assignments in a row are there for me to complete them.
Deadline is getting very NEAR!
HELP! =(

Alright. I have to go.
Class at 8 am tomorrow. 
I need to pump in energy into my body now.
Toodles readers! 
Miss and ❤ ya! 

Acting stupid to release my stress. =p

P/s: Happy belated Chap Goh Meh to all the Chinese out there!