Everything is Going to be Different

Now that i have received some sort of good news, so i should settle down and stop thinking about it. 
She won't be here with me till she gets it.
She changed her mind finally.

And i am happy with it as she gets to do what she wants. 
She gets to learn and do what she had been aiming for.
Hope you enjoy each of the lessons at home =)

Anyway I just came back from my CNY break and i'm still in the holiday mood.
But after this will be a busy semester for me.
I need to conduct two events with my friend in this month.
So my schedule is totally packed.
Hopefully i can manage it well without causing any troubles to my team and i.

On top of that, i wish i can get whatever i have been dreaming for.
I won't leak out any of my dreams and wishes here as they won't come true if i spit them out! =p

 Seriously i lost my mood in blogging.
A lot of photos to be uploaded but due to my maximum memory of Picasa has exceeded, i can only upload one or two for your views.
Isn't that a saddening case to think about?

Alright i need to halt myself from continuing or else it will be a nagging post more than a description post. LOL!

Family photo of the year 2011 ❤

Yeap siblings! 



  1. i think your picasa's storage is full because you upload your images in full size.. to save space, it's advisable to resize it before uploading - because on your blog, you don't require such big photos..

    hope that helps.. anyway, nice family photo :)


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