Industrial Visit ♡

It aint easy to be a full time blogger if you wish to study engineering courses. And yes im doing an engineering course now. I can't be blogging as long as i want anymore unless i have super long semester break to do so. And hey, i can't be slacking anymore cause i'm already in YEAR 4! It's going to an end. I'm finishing it real soon.

The first thing i wanna do now is to complete my FYP report by this week before i get to fly to Singapore. Last week was pretty awesome. Had short meeting my dear juniors in Johor while i was staying overnight in Johor for this industrial visit organised by Department of Chemical Engineering. 

It was cool and fun and as time goes by, i realised that i'm not making the wrong choice of my electives. Things did not get along my way especially you have lousy group mates where they just dumped their incomplete work and leaving you alone to do them on your own. Sounds pathetic? Yes it is. Thank god not of them are like this. Good things do come along too. 

Bff was good and kind enough to make me surprises all the time. I dislike it. (so random) JamieShumJr was kind to borrow a 1000+ of book for my assignment use and it was darn heavy cause she can't be carrying such heavy book with her current condition. But definitely her foot is getting better by now. Much thanks to her and bff though. 

Lil girl brightened up my life each time when i was pretty down.

Love ya max. *siblings rawks*

Back to the industrial visit, we visited this Taiwan-based company, Dairen Chemical Corp and Korea-based, Titan Chemicals Corp during the visit and indeed we had fun to the maximum. 

A small souvenir given by Titan Chemicals.

Dr Lai with Miss Fanny

 Jing Yin and I. (posing with my fave Gucci shades)

My polaroids ♡

In the afternoon, we visited Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, UTM which is famous for their engineering courses. We visited their research centre which is recognised by the government for making their research on membrane technology a successful one. Thanks Dr Lau for giving us the opportunity to visit the lab on how to make the flat sheet membrane. 

My dull and tired face without make up. *slept for two three hours for the past few days only*

Besties and i. ♡

The rest of the photos aren't with me. So you guys need to wait for more updates from this industrial visit. Three presentations and one meeting among the iChemE committee members to be conducted this week along with my FYP report and PD report. So gtg. Sorry for the short updates.

P.s: Cant wait to receive my gifts from Clinique. Teehee..