Overloaded Assignments

Seriously i can't breathe now... Help me!
I need CPR from you guys!

How can i survive with never-ending assignments piling up day after day and midterm tests coming one by one non stop???? DD and Mami came down to KL and visited JamieShumJr and i. But i dont even have the time to sit down properly and chat with them..

I only get to see in uni when they dropped some stuffs for me and they left after five minutes! Had the most STUPIDEST presentation ever i tell you!! Waited for 6 hours to get our turn to present and my friend who waited for whole day didnt even get the opportunity to present!!!! How pathetic. Dont you think so?? 

Pimples are growing. Ugly dark eye circles. ARGH!!!

Stayed in uni yesterday for almost 13 hours working on our Plant Design's module. And thanks to my groupmates for making it almost 90% done. We shall continue doing today anyway. How on earth you can breathe well right now? I didnt even have nice long chat with my sis even tho she came and stayed a night with me last friday. But thanks to earnie for dropping my sis and bought me my favourite dessert.

Even mami, dd and sis complained that i'm busy. And im leaving to Johor this Thursday and a week after im flying off. I HAVENT COMPLETED MY FYP REPORT YET!!!! *cry*

Sometimes funny groupmates really cheered me up and made my day worthwhile. I really appreciate all of them. Love them to the max~~ 

Sleepy looks of us.

13 hours of hardwork. =D Team mates and i. 

Sorry guys i cant upload more photos of my equipment module cause we need to modify some more.. Promise will update more bout it once we complete it okay? 

Chaos. Going to uni again to complete our final part of the module. 

Ps: Sorry for not updating my bloggie for weeks. Promise to update an interesting post if im free. =.="" (if only im free) Heart you guys!!! ♥♡♥♡