[Ad] Meet The Casts of Aladdin The Musical ❤

Who wants to watch the Aladdin The Musical at Sunway Lagoon? I bet everyone out there wants to watch the handsome-looking Aladdin and beautiful Princess Jasmine in this musical! And who gets the opportunity to meet the casts of Aladdin The Musical in person? I do!! I do!! *raising up my hands happily* 

I was invited by Avante & Sunway Lagoon to attend this meet the casts session with the rest of the bloggers at Amphiteathre, Sunway Lagoon last Saturday. Thank you Avante and Sunway Lagoon for giving me such good opportunity! ❤ This time my sister, Jamie Yeap accompanied me who is also a part time blogger to attend the event. =)

My sister, Jamie Yeap

Me, myself and i. 

Aladdin the Musical will whisk you to a land far, far away filled with adventure, magic and excitement in this West End Production. Set against the mystical kingdom of Askabar, go on a musical journey featuring international artistes and dancers with exotic costumes, a flying carpet and stunning stage, sound and light effects! Be fascinated with witty dialogues, hit songs such as Billionaire by Travie McCoy and a spell binding spectacular! 

The weather was rather hot that day. But all the waitings were paid off when the bloggers and i were given the access to visit the studio where the casts and producers of Aladdin The Musical practised their scenes there. =) Imagine the casts practised their parts for ONLY TWO WEEKS and the results came out to be AWE-INSPIRING! ❤ Not forgetting, .................*drum rolls*................ This is the first 3D Musical in Malaysia! This is pretty awesome don't you think so? *jumping in elation* There were hundreds of costumes that were handmade specially for this musical show.

We were then introduced to Chris, the director of the Aladdin The Musical production and David, the choreographer. 

Introducing the main casts of the musical -  Joshua as Aladdin, Gareth as Genie the Lamp, and Nikki as Princess Jasmine 

The dancers who are from Phillipines, UK and Malaysia too. 

Princess Jasmine. Isnt she sweet? ❤


Jafar and Sultan

Aladdin with the man in cloak.

Wanna know who is the man behind the cloak?

*deng deng deng*

 He is none other than Jafar. 

There were scenes where Genie the Lamp appeared after Aladdin rubbed the magic lamp. Here comes the Genie the Lamp. 

My tummy burst into laughter each time i see the Genie who plays his part as the funny Genie who dances and sings each time he appears. Check out the funny expressions of the Genie. 

Here comes another scene where Genie granted Aladdin's wish to meet Princess Jasmine in person and she appeared right in front of him. 

The scene where Aladdin and Princess Jasmine sat on the magic carpet and sang together. Both of them looked so sweet together. ❤

The musical will be taking place at Amphiteatre, Sunway Lagoon starting from 25th November 2011 till 2nd January 2012. Imagine they worked so hard to make this musical a successful one. You can take a look at the props they made just for this musical. 

the Magic Lamp 

and that is the castle where Aladdin and Princess Jasmine stay.

Both of them then live happily ever after ❤

Right after that, we had group photo session with the bloggers who were present on that day and the casts of the musical. I also had the opportunity to take some shots with the casts. Check these photos out at the right below:

With Jess who played the role as the Slave of the Ring.

With Nikki, Princess Jasmine and Joshua, Aladdin ❤

With Gareth, Genie the Lamp ❤

We were running out of time. So i did not have the time to take photos with the rest of the casts and the producer as well. Too bad. hmm. We went to the Light House Beach Bistro for some light refreshments before we called it a day. 

with sis ❤

A photo of myself in the train.

Group photo session with the bloggers and the casts of the Aladdin the Musical *credits to Sunway Lagoon Malaysia*

This musical really caught my attention and it is really worth watching it. For more information, just check out their website or log on to their Facebook. You can also follow them on Twitter to know more about how to win the tickets to the Aladdin the Musical which will be showing from 25th November 2011 till 2nd January 2012 at Amphiteatre, Sunway Lagoon! Hope to see you guys there! 

signing off, janiceyeap 

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