I ❤ Clean and Clear Fruit Essential! ❤

Was cordially invited to attend all new Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials launch few weeks ago which took place at The Gardens Hotel Midvalley. Deliciously scented and certified oil-free, the Clean and Clear Fruit Essentials comes in  Energizing Berry, Purifying Apply and Brightening Lemon. With fruity and refreshing cleanser, the oil and dirt do not stand a chance on skin which is also packed with anti-bacterial ingredients to combat common skin.

All new Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials facial cleansers energizes, purifies and brightens skin as it wakes you up!
Mr Vaibhav Saran, the General Manager of Johnson & Johnson Malaysia and Singapore

Vaibhav Saran, the General Manager of Johnson & Johnson Malaysia and Singapore said that as a global skincare brand under Johnson & Johnson, Clean & Clear's team of young skin experts are committed to study youth's skin and delivering solutions to meet their needs with the most innovative skincare technology.

In Malaysia, Clean & Clear has 6 ranges for products to suit individual preferences and skin needs which these products are created with 1 common aim - to help teenagers and young adult women to maintain clean, noticeably clear, beautiful skin so that they glow among their peers. 

Hence, Clean & Clear's fun and fruity new range is designed to 'wake' teens up with its uplifting cleansing technology. The Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser not only beats lethargy but also purfies, energizes and brightens the skin! 

The most refreshing feature of the Fruit Essentials range is that it contains "BURSTING BEADS" which also known as soft beads. As its name suggests, these beads are bursting with energy and are designed to soften gradually. While washing your face with the cleanser, the mechanical action of the hand against the the face will cause the beads to pop on the skin and effectively yet gently flush out the impurities. The anti-bacterial and oil-free formula also prevent clogged pores, keeping those pesky pimples and unsightly blackheads at bay.

There was a presentation on the research and development of the Clean & Clear's Fruit Essentials by Miss Vivienne Yao, the Research and Development Manager of Johnson &  Johnson.

She basically explained about the product functions and the reasons why they invented these products for the teenagers.

Local silver screen sweetheart Fiffy Natasya had a small performance that day as she is the ambassador of the  Fruit Essential products along with her dancers.

Fiffy Natasya and her dancers.

The emcee, Mr Karl Shafek had a chitchat session with Miss Fiffy on the new product launch. Miss Fiffy confessed that she finds it hard to decide which fruity variant is her favourite.

Photo-taking session.

Pretty balloons on the floor. *heart melt*

Refreshments were provided and the food was really good. They even gave each of us Clean & Clear customised cupcake to eat. *nom nom*

There was a photobooth for us to take photos to bring back as memories. You know girls always love this photobooth thingy. :P *wide grin* I love taking photos! *heheh*

Took photos with Chency and Amelie. Nice meeting you girls that day! <3 br="">

P/s: Sorry for the late post. I was overloaded with my own personal job's works and did not have much time to upload the photos the previous weeks. Sorry readers, forgive me alright? *muah*

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