Stay Calm and Relax with Amante! ❤

The Butterfly Project has another biggest project in July! I am so excited for it! Each month they have awesome party for beauty bloggers. Aww.. I am so honored to be part of their community. (:

In the month of July, The Butterfly Project will have a massage party for 50 bloggers! Isn't it awesome? 

Now I am going to tell you guys why do I need a massage? 

First of all, I have never tried massage before.

I am being serious here. I admit that I have never tried on massage before. Of course my sister and dad helped me massage before but that doesn't counted ok? *wide grin*

Secondly I have never tried massage with friends and this will be the best opportunity to go on a massage party with friends and chitchatting nonstop. :P You know girls always enjoy gossiping together. *oops*

Enjoy the massage session with blogger friends! Yay!

Thirdly, my job requires me to carry laptop and sales kit to meet my clients. Everyday I have to carry one laptop bag and one shopping bag filled with sales kit with me to meet my clients. And it's not light! =( Whenever I come back from work, my shoulders would definitely stiff and ache so badly. =/ So therefore I need a massage badly.

Stiff shoulders everyday after I finish my work everyday.

Before I end my post, I would like to thank all the collaborating brands for making this Massage Party a successful one:

1. The Butterfly Project 

Thank you The Butterfly Project for organizing such awesome party for us almost every month to pamper the beauty bloggers. Thanks a million! ❤

The Butterfly Project is a community of independent beauty and lifestyle bloggers geared towards inspiring everyone around us. At Butterfly Project, they design monthly projects for bloggers that would benefit, motivate and encourage them to find their voice, goals and dreams. Walk away inspired, full of ideas and armed with your blog knowing you can make a difference while making a bunch of new friends in a supportive online environment. 
Thank you Amante Nail Spa and Body Care for sponsoring us the venue and of course the services for us in making our beauty bloggers' dream come true.  

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care provides a range of services carefully selected to create a sanctuary for women. After more than four years delivering exquisite services, Amante Nail Spa & Body Care have become a popular haunt for women seeking a superlative spa housing all their popular beauty and wellness needs and with moderate pricing as well.

3. Photobooth Malaysia

Thank you Photobooth Malaysia for helping the beauty bloggers to capture the photos and every moments of the party and make them a memorable massage party ever!

4. Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party
Last but not least thank you Joey for planning a wonderful massage party for us. It would definitely awesome to have you to plan the party for us to make it a memorable one.

Now that I have mentioned the reasons why I need a massage. So can The Butterfly Project grant my wish? Because I really need one. =(

Can I win an invite to The Massage Party, please?

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