[Review] Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy Hair Colour ❤

Received this Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy Hair Colour not long ago and it was the right time to touch up my hair roots which I dyed my hair in deep violet 4 months ago. Thank you Schwarzkopf for the hair color because this is the first hair coloration using enhanced natural plant extracts in Malaysia with 100% grey-coverage and brilliant shine in just one step! :D

Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy Hair Colour in Deep Violet 

It is the first hair coloration product that is ammonia-free for natural youthful hair. This newly researched hair coloration packs with strong performance is gentle to your hair and scalp. It is easy to apply and gives a natural, shiny colour result that you can get from home. Through this Multi-Accent technology, Natural & Easy gives you 100% grey coverage and natural looking hair colour cater specially for the needs of Asian hair.

The 4 natural plant extracts in Natural and Easy are lychee, wolfberry, polygonum and green tea. Lychee contains rich vitamin and protein that helps to moisture and give your hair the nutrition it needed to stay healthy. Wolfberry, on the other hand, contained rich vitamins to maintain the shine of your colored hair. Polygonum is the name you look for to get that shining black hair. Green tea hydrates dry hair and scalp, giving you the shine and flexibility it deserves. The mild formulation of Natural and Easy answers a lot of our prayers! It contains NO ammonia, NO alcohol, NO preservatives and NO odor too! 

Application Bottle with Developer Emulsion, Colour Cream, Hair Conditioner and Leaflet. 

As it is designed to be used at home and to suit your busy lifestyle, each pack of Natural and Easy comes with a complete set of colouring kits attached with a leaflet containing simple instructions. Follow the simple steps in the leaflet to get the salon quality hair colour results! It also includes the protective ear caps, gloves and special cape to use upon application. 

Protective ear caps (: 

I am going to show you the difference of the colour of my new roots after the dye. 

First all you have to do is to put the Color Cream into the application bottle with Developer Emulsion and shake it thoroughly. 

I love how they provide the protective ear caps in the box as this is crucial during the process of colouring the hair. Since I dyed the hair on my own, it always hard for me to keep an eye on my ears to prevent the hair dye stains. 

Sorry that I did not take any of the photos during the colouring process as I was wearing gloves on both hands and the hair dye

Natural & Easy comes with 8 shades of brown and red combined which are Dark Brown, Hibiscus Mahogany Brown, Chestnut Red, Coconut Pure Brown, Medium Brown, Deep Violet, Light Brown and Golden Light Brown. Not only does it protects and gets you the perfect 100% grey coverage, it gives you an extra glow with its most natural color that matches your Asian eye color and skin tone! Retail price of Natural and Easy Hair Colour is at RM34.90. Try Natural &  Easy Hair Colour yourself and I am sure  you will like it! :D 

Disclaimer: Photos taken above are not edited and the product was sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own. 

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