Let's Wink with Samsung NX Mini! ❤

I am pretty sure that most of you know that I am using the NX Mini for almost 4 months now and I am loving it to the max seriously. Who would actually want to carry a huge camera and selfie when you can have this 'selfie' camera from Samsung. (: With a 75.2 mm (3.0 inch) flip up and touch display that rotates 180-degrees, I can capture photos of myself perfectly.

Maintaining a flattering pose while also attempting to press the shutter release button when self-shooting can be tricky. Therefore this NX mini's new Wink shot feature makes it the perfect hands-free device to capture the real me. I just have to set up my shot and wink at the camera to capture an image. Once a wink is detected, the NX mini takes a shot automatically after two seconds, without having to press any buttons.

Wink feature in Samsung NX Mini. (: 

You can also change your pose before it captures your image. Just like how I did here. :P

Vain photos of myself. 

Other than that, with the ultra-slim 9 mm wide angle lens, the NX Mini can capture group shots from an arm's length and its powerful optical performance provides clear and quality images to ensure that images look good.

#throwback photo of Furfer and I while testing out the Wink feature in NX Mini. (: 

More wink photos of myself taken with Samsung NX Mini. (: 


I even have my sister to try out the wink feature. She winked at the camera with lots of funny expression. I can't stand but to put this photo of hers in this post. (P.s: Sorry girl. Jie has to feature you here because you are too cute. :P) 

I always thought that this Wink Shot won't work on small eyes but boy I was wrong. Its sensitivity can actually detect your wink even though your eyes are small (just like my eyes. :P)

You can also capture the photo with Wink shot feature with your glasses on too! :D 

Lastly, a photo of my sister and I in our ugly pose. Sis is not good at winking on one side of the eye. So she decided to wink both eyes while I was winking with my pouty mouth. Lol! I do not even have to press the shutter button to capture these photos. This 'selfie' camera is definitely good for those who wishes to take photos of themselves posing with tourist attraction places without having people to capture for us anymore! Yay!

1, 2, 3 *wink*

As Samsung's slimmist and lightest interchangeable-lens camera on the market, the NX mini is the ultimate way to capture life on-the-go without any hassle. You can easily slip the NX mini into almost any pocket or bag which is really convenient for girls who love taking small bags for outings. With luxurious leatherette finish, this camera is definitely suitable for style-conscious shooters looking to make a statement. 

Samsung NX Mini is available in 5 colours which are white, pink, mint green, brown and black and the retail price is at RM1399 with 9 mm f3.5 lens and RM1699 with kit lens

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