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With Bollywood films being so popular all over the world nowadays, and the Bollywood film stars looking so desirable, it is no surprise that women want a piece of all that glitz, glamour and beauty. Previously, producing only for the picture-perfect Bollywood Superstars and their makeup Artists, Muse by Watsons has now made this luxuriously superior and vibrant makeup range bollywood PROFESSIONAL Cosmetics, widely available, to help you steal the spotlight.

I attended the bollywood PROFESSIONAL cosmetics launch at Muse by Watsons with a bunch of bloggers. Thank you The Butterfly Project for the invitation to witness the launch of this vibrant and superior makeup range. I knew that it was a makeover  by the makeup artitst, so I decided to go bare face on that day to try out their make up range. I reached an hour earlier at the venue and was greeted by Miss Amanda, the Brand Manager of Muse by Watsons. Since no one was there yet, I was the first one to do the makeover. Yay!


Since my skin wasn't prepped at all except for sunblock, the makeup artist immediately helped me with the primer and foundation before moving to the next station for eyeshadow and mascara part. During the application of the foundation, I noticed that foundation must be applied on neck as well to avoid two different tones on the face and the neck. I have been applying on my neck all these while but the technique I was using was wrong. Thank god the makeup artist was there to teach me step by step on how to apply the makeup! :D

So this is my face before any foundation.

An exclusive Prep, Treat and Prime range is bollywood PROFESSIONAL's secret to create a perfect canvas before applying any makeup. The Retexturizing Face Primer is a miracle worker! Ultra light-reflective, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and neutralises imperfections. I can have instant revealing smoother, more radiant skin, giving foundation a fault-tree base. After the foundation and primer, I can actually see the flawless look on my skin. When I touched my skin, I can't feel that there's too much foundation applied on the face. Everything on my face was light texture and easy to be applied on.

You can see the difference on my face!

After that, I moved on to the next station for the eye makeup. Seriously speaking, I don't like to put any dramatic makeup especially on the eyes because I have single eyelid. It's hard to apply to these eyes when I have my double eyelid stickers on. Normally I will go for my brown / black colour eyeshadow whenever I attend the events.

Since it's about makeover, I decided to give a try. The makeup artist helped me with the eyeshadow part and to my surprise, I looked different in these vibrant colours and I'm LOVING it! Every part on my face looked so flawless! *yay* A key facet in achieving the bollywood star ideal, is the SEXY EYES. bollywood Profesional's colour-rich, creamy eyeliners shape and define the eyes with precision.

A Bollywood star on the go. *heheh*

bollywood PROFESSIONAL is used on the film sets by the much loved Bollywood Film Industry, and becoming a favourite among celebrities and women all over the world. Everyone must be thinking that this product is from India but actually it is made in New York, and known for its high quality formulas, withstanding studio lights, hot, humid weather and ice cold climates. 

 Look at the swatches! :D

Moving on to the next step, blusher and lipstick application. Kissable and luscious lips complete Superstar look with their new Liquid Lipstick! Liquid Lipstick is made with advanced polymers, intense pigments and delivers full coverage color in a single swipe. Extremely long lasting and completely hydrating. I tried it on and it lasted me the whole day. I do not have to carry out a lipstick to touch up whenever I'm going out if I am to own this Liquid Lipstick! Yay! :D bollywood PROFESSIONAL's Baked Blush has a revolutionary skin-smoothing texture, floats onto skin and instantly radiates, for a sculpted cheek-bone. Highly pigmented, this is how to score that enviable, glamorous facial contour.

What do you think of this look? :D

Later on, the rest of the bloggers reached and started off with all their makeovers while I was busy taking photos. Heheh! :D

After that, we gathered together to hear the presentation from Miss Rani Birring, the Managing Director of bollywood  PROFESSIONAL. This brand is an exciting cosmetics brand, also carrying skincare and fragrance. Miss Rani began by supplying renowned makeup artists on the film sets of Bollywood, and built a strong online business, featured on UK’s ITV shopping channel, and now she is entering departments stores, like Tangs in Malaysia and Singapore, Muse by Watsons, in addition to opening bollywood PROFESSIONAL boutiques. She will soon enter the Middle Eastern and European Department Stores. 

The boutiques are impressively distinctive and stop anyone in their tracks, with a large Video Wall, playing tantalizing dance videos, featuring A-List Bollywood Beauties baring almost all, and of course, highlighting their sex appeal through their alluring makeup looks! The Makeup Artists working in the stores wear black clothes with beautiful, sparkly head jewellery, traditionally called “Maang Tikka”. Positively, head-turners!
Miss Rani Birring is so gorgeous! :D

Today, Miss Rani continues to grow bollywood PROFESSIONAL globally, and employs agents worldwide to sell her cosmetics, skincare and fragrance. She recognises that women want healthy skin and to look desirable in all climates and conditions. Women want to apply makeup with ease and little effort, and treat the skin all at the same time, in the shortest time. Women enjoy looking sexy and glamorous and keeping up with the latest trends and fashions, using high-quality products. Miss Rani is looking forward to introducing men’s skincare and fragrance, soon.

A photo with Miss Rani after my makeover. :D

We had fun doing the makeover on that day. The best part is always get to mingle around with the bloggers after so long. Yay! :D

Here's a photo of yours truly with the goodie bag. :D

bollywood PROFESSIONAL is now available at Muse by Watsons, Sunway Pyramid. For more info, you can check it out at Thank you The Butterfly Project and Muse by Watsons for the invitation to try out the bollywood PROFESSIONAL's cosmetics range! 

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