[Beauty Review: Part 3] Clear + Brilliant® Treatment by Solta Medical ❤

Holla readers! How are you doing? Year 2014 was amazing for me. I had an amazing experience working in Philippines with a bunch of awesome people. Year 2014 was an awesome for me as mum and dad got me a huge birthday gift too and of course the year of my niece was born. :D On the lighter note, my blogging journey has been pretty good. A lot of sponsors approached me for product reviews, laser treatments and sponsored posts. I am truly grateful to all of them because you guys believed in me. Thank you for all the opportunities and I will work harder in year 2015.

Today I would like to share with you guys my journey with Clear + Brilliant® treatment by Solta Medical. It's been 3 months since I had the treatment and it was amazingly good. To those who wants to review my journey with Clear + Brilliant® treatment, you may read them here:

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Here I would like to share the photos of the treatment after the 5th day, 1st month, 2nd month and the  3rd month.

5 days after the treatment

I noticed that skin was a tad dry and there's some roughness on the skin since it undergone skin renewing process. So I highly recommend to use sleeping mask every night to ensure enough hydration to the skin. 

1 month after treatment

2 months after treatment

Skin become naturally radiant and glowing skin, visibly illuminated skin tone, renewed, ultra soft and smoother texture. 

Even skin tone. 

3 months after treatment

Results after 3 months. I was amazed with the results. Pores are getting smaller and skin is renewed as if I have changed into new skin. Overall, the results were amazing. However, the results may vary from one another.

With 20 - 30 minutes of treatment, my skin tone was visibly illuminated with naturally radiant skin. I enjoyed a softer and smoother texture after trying out the treatment! Overall, I find that this treatment is simple yet effective. I can easily go back to work right after the treatment without worries. 

In conclusion, I would recommend to the girls out there to try out this treatment as Clear + Brilliant®is an unique treatment that uses safe, fractional laser technology to correct early signs of aging skin, uneven skin tone and help to prevent them. To those who wish to know more about the treatment, check out Solta Medical's website here: www.soltamedical.com.

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