Have You Ever Tried Foodpanda? ❤

Foodpanda is always my top priority when it comes to online food delivery. FYI, Foodpanda serves to spread their services not only in Klang Valley but also to more cities with more restaurants and cuisines. This will definitely help the working adults solve their problems especially to those who do not have the time to cook. 

It's been 2 years plus since I started working and I hardly find time to cook despite busy schedules on weekends. I always find a hassle to cook for only two persons' meal besides I do not have the time to cook. For sure with this online delivery service, I can have a proper dinner at home with my sister. (:

When I first came across this website, I was more than happy as I can order whatever food I like to eat around my housing area. It's pretty simple to order your food through Foodpanda actually. I am going to show you some of the simple steps / instructions for you guys.

First of all, register yourself at www.foodpanda.my if you haven't.

After that, fill up all your particular details and click 'Register'.

Next enter your city that you are staying now. The location I am staying is at Subang Jaya. So you can actually see from the photo above that Sunway - Subang Jaya - Puchong are categorized together. Don't worry about the city though. The main point would be the location. I am currently staying at USJ so type 'USJ 1 or USJ 2' or whichever is the correct location for you. After that click 'Find Food Now!'

You will see that there's 36 restaurants in USJ area from Wendy's, TGI Friday's, Tony Roma's, Taang Shifu, Italiannies just to name a few. Most of the restaurants are located at Sunway Pyramid or Empire Shopping Gallery since these two shopping malls are quite near to the place I stay. There are Hungry Hog, Big Chomp Burger and Chatime too which are located at SS15 are also part of the restaurants listed in the USJ area.

Since that day I was craving for TGI Friday's. I decided to browse through the list of food they serve for online delivery. There are a lot of food listed from appetizers, salad, soups, pasta, steaks and etc. I started to feel hungry while scrolling for food to order. :P You can order their food by clicking to this link: http://fridays.foodpanda.my/.

It was pretty simple to order through Foodpanda webpage. Just click 'Add' to the food you want to order and your order would appear on the right (shown in the photo below).

There's a minimum delivery of RM15.00 and delivery fee of RM4.00 but that didn't bother me much as I know the food I wanted to order exceeded RM15.00 for sure. *wide grin* You can actually check the order before you proceed to checkout. The total bill only add to 6% of government tax.

If you have a voucher code, you can key in the code before you checkout.

After you click 'Proceed To Checkout', you need to fill up your details on the street and postcode on the place you are staying to ensure that the delivery man send the food safely to your house.

You can also choose the payment option if you have the voucher code. I clicked on 'Cash On Delivery'. You will only pay the cash once you have received the order on your address. Other than that. you can also select the loyalty card and enter the card number. Since I am a member of BCARD, so I filled up that section to entitle for BCARD points. (: After that, you can place the order now. It is pretty fast and simple, isn't it? *wide grin*

Successful order would appear as above. You would see the time of the delivery arrive at the house with the order number too. You would then receive a SMS and email that the meal would be delivered in an hour. (:

Overall experience
Anyway ordering food through Foodpanda was a good experience for me as it was quite simple. Do you know that you can do pre-order first in case the shop was closed on that day itself? It's not a bad idea to online through Foodpanda after all. You will get to save a lot of time too if you and your colleagues choose to eat in the office without spending most of the time on the road just to go out for lunch. It's totally hassle-free once you have registered as the member. You will only look through the menu and decide what food you like to eat for lunch or dinner or tea time. Foodpanda is something that I would look forward to use more often in future. (:

As for the delivery, the food was delivered to my house 10 minutes earlier than the expected time. I paid the cash to him after I received the food since I opted for Cash on Delivery. The food came with two bags full of food and packed in microwave boxes.

I liked how they packed each of the food because wrapping the food with aluminium foil would maintain the freshness of the food and at the same time the food would not turn cold so fast. *thumbs up*

The portions may look small in photos below. However, my sister and I could not finish them. Imagine two of us had to finish so many types of food. *wide grin* However, I kept some of the food and heated it the next day for lunch.

The total bill only add to 6% of government tax. So I find it quite worth it as I do not have to pay for the service charge of 10% if I were to eat in the restaurant. Plus I can save some time looking for parking at Sunway Pyramid since it's always hard to look for parking space in the mall. I can also save money on petrol since I do not have to go all the way there just to have dinner at TGI Friday's at Sunway Pyramid. The delivery fee of RM4.00 is affordable for me as I already saved some of my time and money.

For those who have yet tried the delivery service, you can either order via their website @ www.foodpanda.my or order your food via smartphone. To those who are interested, you can download their app here:

For iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/foodpanda-order-food-delivery/id758103884 
For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.global.foodpanda.android

 Have fun ordering via Foodpanda! *wide grin*

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