Boyce Avenue Live in KL @ KL Live Centre ❤

Boyce Avenue was here on last Thursday marking their first time here in Malaysia. They performed at KL Life Center with their guest performer, Narmi and special guest, Miss Elizabeth Tan.

A 25-minute drive turned out to be an hour 15 minutes ride because it was raining heavily making a few of the roads heading to KL Life Centre were slightly flooded and caused the traffic to jam up. However, the luck was on my side because they had not started their performance yet. Hooray! And I managed to meet up with some of my friends before the concert started.

With the bloggers. (:

We hurriedly walked in and waited patiently for the concert to start. Sis and I took a few selfies and chitchatted as usual. Sis and I share the same interest when it comes to music. Both of us enjoy listening to music covers from different YouTubers and even share the same music genre except for trance. LOL! However I am glad to have someone who is there for me to talk to about music all the time. :)

Sis and I. She used to blog but she stopped blogging ever since she started her degree.

Next up, they had performance from Narmi and special guest appearance, Miss Elizabeth Tan to sing 'Lucky' on that night.

Elizabeth was standing quite close to me and I was hesitating to take photos with her because I was shy. However, I had the guts to approach her and had her to take selfie with me. Yay! She is super tall and gorgeous with powerful voice. *jelly*

With Elizabeth, the famous Malaysian YouTuber. (:

The moment we had been waiting for. Performance from Boyce Avenue! The siblings were looking so hot that night! *jaw drop* They played a few of their originals and some music covers from Avicii, Katy Perry and etc. You guys can check out the videos which I had recorded that night below:

Since I reached there around 8.20pm, I was already standing right behind the stage. So I am sorry if my videos and photos turned out to be blur and low quality.

They performed quite a number of songs unfortunately my iPhone ran out of battery. So I managed to take only a few photos and videos. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every single performance from Boyce Avenue that night and hope to watch their performance again!

Below is one of my favourite cover from them and I recorded it for memories.

Thank you Livescape Asia for making this fan girl of Boyce Avenue's dream came true. I can't wait to witness more YouTubers from different world to perform in Malaysia in the future! :D 

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