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It was a bright and sunny Sunday and I decided to go for hair treatment at Number76 at Bangsar 1. Located inside Telawi Square above Tous Les Jours bakery, a corner lot facing the Bangsar Village II shopping mall, I booked the appointment at 10 am to avoid traffic jam and I know it's hard to find a parking spot around that area usually. So I decided to park at Bangsar Village II and walked over to the opposite since it's nearby.  

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From the look of this salon, it may look small from the outside. However, once you step in, you will find that the salon is decorated with wooden interior walls and floors which gives you the classic feeling and environment. 

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I was greeted by Senior Stylist, Calvin who is super friendly and nice. He examined my hair and decided that I should go for Ultrasonic Premium Hair treatment which is the improved version of the Ultrasonic Hair Treatment . I have been hearing a lot of good reviews about this Ultrasonic treatment from celebrity bloggers such as Cheesie, Jane Chuck and Audrey Ooi and seriously can't wait to try it out! :D 

For your information, this Ultrasonic Premium treatment is available only from 18th January 2015 to 18th February 2015 at a promotional price of RM280 (NP: RM350). This treatment is added with the better treatment formula which includes collagen for smoother, stronger and softer hair.

The ultrasonic device used is the same but the differences is this Ultrasonic Premium treatment has double ultrasonic process - twice application with the ultrasonic device instead of once. 

Before Lucas started off with the treatment, I was ushered to the washing area to wash my hair. I personally like their service. Lucas was so gentle and well-mannered with every service he provided. Each time, he would tell me politely before he started with any service. He would ensure that his customers get the best services when serving. 

I was having the best scalp massage ever because it was too comfortable. He would tell me each time what treatment or what step would I get during the hair washing procedure.

After the hair wash, Lucas did not dry my hair completely. Instead he applied the chemicals on my damp hair before ironing my hair using the Sonic Premium iron. 

He massaged each strands of my hair when the chemicals were applied. This is to ensure all the chemicals are fully absorbed into the hair instead of just leaving it on the surface only. 

This Sonic Premium iron does not emit heat instead it vibrates at 37,000 beats per second. This Ultrasonic iron helps to penetrate deeper inside your hair. 

During the ironing process, I can hear mild vibrating sounds. No worries about that cause it's normal. 

For the Ultrasonic Premium treatment, the process is repeated twice as compared to the normal Ultrasonic treatment which only go through once.

After the first ironing process, Lucas washed my hair again and continued with the second ironing process. After the ironing process, Lucas washed again and blew my hair as the final step. This treatment took approximately 60 minutes

 A photo with senior stylist, Calvin from number76 Bangsar 1

Calvin Lai is a Senior Stylist at number76 Bangsar 1, comes from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Beneath the cool persona lies a conscientious individual. From glamorous highlights to show-stopping colours to classic hair styles for both men and women, his versatility in tailoring styles to complement individual features has earned him many happy customers.
Here's the before and after photo of my hair after using the Ultrasonic Premium treatment.

I was amazed with the instant result from the Ultrasonic Premium treatment. I can feel the smoothness and softness of the hair after the treatment. This Ultrasonic Premium treatment provides better results than the classic Ultrasonic Iron treatment, especially for damaged hair that have gone through many chemical processes. 

The hair was too smooth that it was easy to manage and I am so freaking loving it! Each strands of my hair flow freely on my shoulder everyday. I can also flip my hair like how the model does in the shampoo advertisement. (: *wide grin*

Best of all, number76 also provide complimentary home care package to prolong the effects of the Ultrasonic Premium treatment. 

Elujuda Fluent Oil (:

This Deesse's mu Hair Treatment is the salon treatment system for moisturizing and smoothing hair and this can last you for a month.

To all the girls out there, you guys should try this treatment yourself. Try this treatment so that you can have a healthy and softer hair for this coming Chinese New Year. For more info, please visit www.number76.com to check out their latest updates on promotions and packages.

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