I Have A Confession To Make ❤

I have a confession to make....It took me awhile to reveal this confession. Many might not notice about it but it's pretty obvious nowadays especially when you attend a lot of events and friends around you will start noticing it.

That's right. I have SUPER UGLY BUCK TEETH. I used to NOT care about my appearance especially my teeth not until I hit puberty. My parents once offered me to go for braces when I was 9 but I rejected them because my friends told me that it's super painful. AND RIGHT NOW I REGRETTED. =/

How ugly my buck teeth is.

The obvious buck teeth. I looked like Bugs Bunny here. =/

Imagining if you could spend only two years looking ugly with that metal brackets and wires on your teeth and you will be beautiful for the rest of your life, I guess it's all worth it. But I did not think this far.

Ever since I started working, I noticed that it will be harder for me to wear braces in this society. A lot of clients will start feeling weird about my braces. "At this age, still go for braces?" "Wah, you think you are young enough still to put those steel on your teeth?" "I think she will look super ugly with the braces on the teeth".

Metal brackets on the teeth. (Credits to Google)

Lots of questions running in my head. Should I go for it or should I not?

Then I have friends around me started saying' "Aiya Janice. It's not that obvious also. You do not have to go for braces. Just be who you are."

Yeah right. Who is the one facing the teases and mocks from people around me? It's ME!

Anyway I put up a lot of courage to go on with that ugly buck tooth for 20 over years now. Hence this concluded the pursed lips smile in most of the photos taken in close shot. =/

Recent selfie taken at Nuffnang 8irthday party. (:

With Li Chuen (:

Selfie with my sister at brother's wedding 2 years ago. 

I was too shy to open my mouth and smile even when I take selfie with Ming brothers. =/ 

I know one says that you need to show your teeth if you want a bright smile. But I tried my best to avoid those photos with teeth shown unless the photos were taken from a far where my buck teeth is not that obvious.

Just like these photos.

My convocation in 2012.

Lucky thing I managed to take nice and good photos of myself with teeth shown in my brother's wedding few years back. Here are some of the shots taken: 

I always wanted to smile with my teeth and it really made a difference when one smile with pursed lips and wide smile. Sometime the pursed lips smile will make you look fake for once in awhile. So photos above are the photos which I managed to escape an embarassing moment with a bright smile. :D

To avoid embarassing moment with a bright smile, I have to smile with teeth shown at an angle. Do you guys noticed that I would choose to smile when my face is tilted to the right side? Yes. That's where you would not see the obvious buck teeth were shown.

It looks like I have a straight teeth from far. 

Do you know that with the current technology, one can finally correct their crooked teeth using Invisalign treatment instead of braces? Invisalign treatment uses a custom-made series of aligners created for you that are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth. Wearing the aligners will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place, based on the exact movements your dentist or othodontist plans out for you. There are no metal brackets to attach and no wires to tighten.
Teeth with whitening tray
Photo taken from Nuffnang's blog. 

The Invisalign are hardly noticeable and it makes you feel comfortable and confident. It also does not irritate your gums like braces' brackets can. You also do not have to constantly visit your orthodontist for a monthly adjustment because you are able to change your aligner at home once every two weeks.

With this Invisalign, this can save up my time and money travelling back to hometown so far just to tighten the metal brackets on my teeth. Now that I can say goodbye to these metal brackets. Yay!!

Let's say if I am going for braces now with the ugly metal brackets and wires on my teeth, this is how I will look like:

P/s: Used an app to add on this braces on my ugly buck teeth.

It's been so many years with my buck teeth now and I think it's shifting again. I noticed that my Bugs Bunny teeth started to protrude more than the previous years. =/

Invisalign braces vs metal brackets braces

I think I need Invisalign treatment soon. If  I am to wear braces now, I bet no one wants to talk to a lady in metal brackets on your teeth. It just feels like having a robot friend. LOL! Thank you Nuffnang for organising this contest! :D 

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