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Vietnamese cuisine encompasses the food and beverage of Vietnam and features a combination of 5 fundamental tastes in the overall meal. Each Vietnamese dish has a distinctive flavour which reflects one or more of these elements.  

Since it was my second trying Vietnamese cuisine, I thought I would like to give it a try for the second time. This time, while browsing through Ensogo, I choose to try in Royale Vietnam which is located in Starhill Gallery

Royale Vietnam @ Starhill Gallery

This All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet deal from Royale Vietnam lets you have a taste of extravagant without mortgaging your homes at Royale Vietnam by ordering anything from the menu except for certain dishes: 

- Dancing Peacock
- Pomelo Salad
- Caesar Salad
- Baby Short Ribs with BBQ Sauce 
- Royale Vietnam Pan Fried Cod Fish
- Mineral Water 
- Alcoholic Beverages

Royale Vietnam doesn't serve pork which is a plus point. This will definitely give the opportunity for the Malay patrons to dine in and try Vietnamese cuisine. With a predominance of rice, noodles, wheat, beans, fresh vegetables and herbs and minimum oil usage, Vietnamese food is without doubt one of the healthiest cuisines. Often referred to as "the nouvelle cuisine of Asia", the contrasting favours, varied textures and exotic ingredients provide a range of fragrant delights for the contemporary kitchen. 

Here's some of the dishes that we have ordered:

Fresh Spring Roll - RM14.90

This Fresh Spring Roll is a combination of garden vegetables, herbs, vermicelli noodles and fresh shrimp, wrapped in rice paper. These spring rolls are a refreshing change from the usual fried variety and have become a family favourite. They are great as a cool appetiser and tasted delicious dipped in one or both of the sauces. However, it's better to be eaten immediately after it was served as the rice paper might be hard after exposed for too long.

Seafood Mango Salad - RM18.90

This Seafood Mango Salad is a refreshing salad served with sliced mango, agar, mixed vegetables, shrimps, sweet and sour lime fish sauce as dressing. This Seafood Mango Salad is another refreshing appetiser. The green mangoes mixed with the salad are not sour and are blended well with the shrimps and sauce.

Royal Vietnam Beef Noodle Soup - RM28.90

It's a classic Vietnamese "Must Try" dish served with beef slices, tender beef balls, herbs and flat rice noodle over the beef broth that has been boiled over 20 hours. This beef noodle soup has to be one of my favourite dish in Vietnamese cuisine. The chewy noodles with the savoury broth is good. The broth has a light texture and since I don't take beef, I do not have much comments on the texture of the beef.

Steamed Prawn with Young Coconut - RM48.90

Steamed Prawn with Young Coconut is served with juicy steamed prawns hanging on a coconut. It's a surprise dish served with flame style. Overall, I find that the prawns are slightly overcooked. Nevertheless, the coconut juice is absorbed well into the prawns that the prawns have the coconut taste in it.

Royale Vietnam Grilled Scallop - RM32.90

This Royale Vietnam Grilled Scallop is a grilled scallop wrapped with beef bacon, capsicum slices, onion and their very own special BBQ sauce. The scallop is juicy and tender. The dish is somehow a tad spicy and the dish comes with only two sticks of grilled scallop which is not worth the price.

Lotus Seed Fried Rice - RM24.90

This Lotus Seed Fried Rice is fried with mixed vegetables, egg and lotus seed wrapped with lotus leaf. Somehow this dish is quite disappointing. The dish turned out not to be wrapped with lotus leaf which I was happily looking forward to. However, overall presentation was ok except for the missing lotus leaf. On the taste wise, it was just right for me.

As you can see that the mainstream culinary traditions in Vietnam share some fundamental features such as:

  • Freshness of food: Vegetables are eaten fresh if they are boiled or only stir-fried. 
  • Presence of herbs and vegetables: Herbs and vegetables are essential to many Vietnamese dishes and are often abundantly used. 
  • Presentation: The condiments accompanying Vietnamese cuisine are usually colourful and arranged in eye-pleasing manners. 

A unique environment of mixed Chinese and Vietnamese ambience in the restaurant which somehow brings back the feel of 1960's. 

We ordered only 6 dishes in total and we could not stuff ourselves with the food anymore. Overall for a price of RM68, I think it's worth trying out some Vietnamese cuisine in Royale Vietnam as it serves truly authentic Vietnamese dishes. How I wish we could order all the dishes on the menu and try all of them but I think we were too full to consume them anymore. =/ 

Anyway, to those who wish to try out, the Royal Vietnam deal  on Ensogo website is ending on 31st July 2015. So what are you waiting for? For more information, do check out their deal here: http://www.ensogo.com.my/deals/1pax-all-you-can-eat-buffet-at-royale-vietnam and to know more about Vietnamese cuisine in Royale Vietnam, visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RoyaleVietnam. 

Royale Vietnam 
Starhill Gallery, 
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur 
Contact No: 03-2143 9778
Office Hours: Monday - Sunday: 12 pm - 4pm; 6pm - 10 pm

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on my dining experiences at each restaurant I visit. Whatever I share here is based on my own personal experiences. Thank you so much. =)

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