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Have you ever noticed women can't live without styling their hair with hair tools whenever they want to go out for outings, events and etc? Many women style their hair at home nowadays with various products across a range of brands since it's so much convenient to style according to the styles you want. However, improper use or inferior products might result in damaged hair.

To encounter this problem, Philips launched the new Philips KeraShine range which is infused with Keratin, a naturally occurring substance and a key component in the structure of hair. With this KeraShine range, it helps to keep your hair smooth and shiny, while the built-in ionic conditioners keeps frizz at bay. 

Let me take a selfie with Philips Media pass first. LOL! 

I was one of the lucky bloggers to be able to witness the launch of this KeraShine range and at the same time trying them out too. Philips Malaysia team also briefed us on what is keratin all about and the reasons why they have come up with this KeraShine range. 

A short description about Keratin:

"Keratin is an extremely strong protein which is a major component in skin, hair, nails, hooves, horns and teeth. The amino acids which combine to form keratin have several unique properties and depending on the levels of the various amino acids, keratin can be inflexible and hard, like hooves, or soft, as is the case with skin. Most of the keratin that people interact with is actually dead; hair, skin and nails are all formed from dead cells which the body sheds as new cells push up from underneath. If the dead cells are kept in good condition, they will serve as an insulating layer to protect the delicate new keratin below them. Damage to the external (dead) layer of keratin can cause skin, hair and nails to look unhealthy. "

Philips team also invited Chezz Technique team to demonstrate on how to style and care for your lovely locks with the new KeraShine hair tools which comprises of KeraShine Heated Styler, KeraShine Dryer and KeraShine Straightener. 

Curls can be done by using the Heated Styler 
You can also get wavy hair by using the Heated Styler too.

Philips team was kind to organise an activity for the members of the media on that night. We were divided into 4 groups with each group had to come up with idea to create creative hairstyles on the hair mannequin. The most creative hairstyle from the group will win hair treatment vouchers from Chezz Technique.

Instead of using the hair mannequin, my team members decided to style my hair. Chezz Technique team was so kind to help us to curl and style my hair since we were only given 45 minutes.  

We gave some of ideas to the Chezz Technique team and at the same time they helped us to style my hair using the new KeraShine Heated Styler.

Since we only managed to grab flower crown to add on as accessories, we try to create a hairstyle which made me looked like a princess. *wide grin*

Even though my team did not win the contest, I am glad to know my members. Chezz Technique team and my team members did a great job!! Thank you for making me feel like a princess for a few minutes! *winkz* 

I got to say that this new KeraShine range from Philips is a-must-try range especially the KeraShine Heated Styler. Who would actually expect that this Heated Styler can be used to comb your with their retractable bristles and curl your locks at the same time? Best of all, this Heated Styler is infused with Keratin which will keep your hair smooth and shiny, while the built-in ionic technology keeps your hair beautiful, healthy and frizz-free. 

I am not going to elaborate much of the KeraShine products here and instead I will do a review of these hair tools in my next blog post. So do stay tuned to my blog post on these awesome KeraShine products from Philips. =)

Thank you Philips Malaysia for having me! The Philips KeraShine range is available at the Philips Brand Store at Public Shopping Gallery, major electrical and departmental stores and on www.blipmy.com. 

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