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Nowadays, losing weight and keeping our body fit and healthy have become essential task in our daily life. I was recently to a product which does not only meet our health and beauty needs, it also helps to enhance inner body nourishment and regulation of bodily functions for balanced health benefits as well as eradicate toxins from the body. Introducing Totalife Gene Power-28, which is a personalised nutrition management programme

Gene Power-28 series consists of TD-S (Soy Milk, Mocha and Apple), GeneUp (iFG-1 and iFG-2), Lipokleen A and Fittache

Totalife Gene Power-28 series offers a highly effective personalised Nutrition Management Programme catering to various types of obesity issues. Totalife leads the way in genetic research through our patented Roselle Polyphenol iFG Yeast which stimulate the longevity gene and regulates body weight. The multi-tiered formulation offers the best slimming results firstly by dissolving fat and eliminating carbohydrates; followed by overall body detoxification to effectively regulate the 5 types of obesity with long lasting results. 

GeneUp iFG-1
GeneUp iFG-1 is a botanical beverage mix roselle and yeast pepton which is a fat-dissolving regulator to dissolve the fat while GeneUp iFG-2 is a botanical beverage mix berry and yeast lepton, is a carbohydrate elimination regulator to eliminate carbohydrate. 

Consume 1 sachet before breakfast and dinner
It features Roselle polyphenols which contain anthocyanin, catechin, flavonoids and other polyphenols with antioxidant properties. GeneUP iFG-1 and iFG-2 have plant-based peptides which also helps to stimulate key genes, boost metabolism and energise the body.

TD-S Soy Milk, Mocha and Apple
TDS is a nutritious beverage Mix Soy Protein with Soy Fiber. It has 3 flavours - Soy Milk, Mocha and Apply to satisfy the taste buds. It features 58 types of balanced nutrition with whey amino acids, low GI, fat suppression Polyphenols, fat elimination factor and metabolism factor. 

Replace your breakfast and dinner with 4 sachets of TDS daily, take your low-GI lunch with high fiber, high protein, less salt and less oil. Fat-burning process will be initiated in 7 days, for a lighter and slender body.

Mix the sachet contents with 227ml lukewarm water , shake vigorously and leave idle for 3-5 minutes before drink. 

The apple flavour surprisingly blends well with the taste of mix soy protein and it tastes good. I feel full each time after drinking it and I can take it as a meal replacement for my breakfast and dinner.

Lipokleen A
You will then take 1 - 2 capsule of Lipokleen A daily after breakfast and dinner. Lipokleen A contains salmon fish oil which is rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids: DHA and EPA, Vitamin E that acts as a fat soluble antioxidant and energise cell to convert nutrition into energy and boost body metabolism.

A product which truly caught my attention is Fittache during the live demonstration that took place at Totalife HQ. Fittache is packed in a capsule form helps in slimming, lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat and enhances fat elimination. You are able to see that the oil in the glass of water is trapped with Fittache and sink down to the bottom of the glass when the capsule of Fittache is poured into the glass. 

Remember to take 2 capsules with 250 ml of water before meals. I personally have witnessed the results with my own eyes as I experienced slight reduction on the tummy area. Since I only have 1 week of products to try on, I also able to see the results on body. If I am able to take it continuously for 1 month, I guess the results will be even more amazing. 

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