[Beauty Review] Iviora African Mango Cocoa S-Plus ❤

In preparation for Chinese New Year this year, recently I came across a product which caught my attention. Introducing Iviora African Mango Cocoa S-Plus, a type of drink which helps to tone up the whole body. 

Iviora African Mango Cocoa S-Plus consists of 12 types of natural ingredients such as African Mango, Gardenia Cambogia, Lecithin by Solec™ F, L-Carnitine by Carnipure™(vegetarian friendly), Yeast Chromium by Lalmin™ CR 2000, Soy Isoflavones by Soylife® 40, White Kidney Bean, Green Tea, Guarana, Raspberry, Vitamin Mineral Premix and Cocoa Powder.

Just to name a few ingredients, African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis) improves metabolism and relieves fatigue effectively. It curbs obesity in a most natural way by accelerating body fat burning.
Garcinia Cambogia contacts natural ingredient HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid). HCA prevents sugar and starch from turning into fat, promotes body fat burning in order to reduce fat accumulation. It also promotes mitochondrial enzyme break down, targeting decomposition of the fat accumulated in waist and buttock rapidly.

Iviora African Mango Cocoa S-Plus helps to enhance fat burning effect, increase body metabolism, promote lipolysis (fat breakdown) and reduces carbohydrate / fat absorption. 

I like the fact that it tasted almost like chocolate drink and I also noticed that I get hungry after 1 hour later. This could be due to the fat burning process in the body. However, please be advised not to eat anything anymore even though you feel hungry after the drink. This serves the purpose of burning fat and increases the metabolism rate in your body. 

I noticed that my tummy has grown slightly smaller after 1 month than previously and I like how it works well on my body. I become lesser greedy for food as compared to before as this drink helps to reduce my appetite. I can eat lesser than before! *yay*

African Mango Cocoa S-Plus is priced at RM130 and you can get it at www.iviora.com. For more information, please log on to their website to check out the latest promotions and updates. 

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