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A year ago, I changed a job and landed in a company which applies open-plan office concept. At first I could not get used to it. However, as time goes by, I find that physical space is the key to friendship formation at work. It was not much that people with similar attitudes became friends, but rather that people who passed each other during the day tend to become friends and later adopt the similar attitudes.  

I always wanted an environment like Google and Pixar and my current company did imply some of the open office concept somehow. All the sales representatives can be seated at any part of the office as long as they feel comfortable working at the environment. Except that, I would prefer to have bigger working space and bigger pantry to have short breaks in between the working hour. Anyway I have no complains about it yet so far. *wide grin*

Open office concept in Google office in Zurich

Recently I came across a few social media postings from a bunch of influencers and I have decided to check REO Suite out since it caught my attention. REO Suite, located at One City by MCT, is designed for those who go where their ideas roam. This is the place where relaxation and inspiration coexist with productivity within spaces that free you to switch between work and play whenever you please.

Other than that, the location of REO Suite is quite strategic as it is connected to the rest of Subang and KL City via LRT and 5 major expressways such as LDP, ELITE, SKVE, NKVE and KESAS. How cool is that?!

This would be something similar to Google and Pixar office and it's indeed my choice in future. I dropped by the show unit last week and was amazed with the show units displayed. 

This REO Suite offers owners greater flexibility in terms of the size that caters to their budget. The smallest unit can start from 370 square feet and you can go beyond 2000 square feet as most of the units are linked via creating an opening in the permissible hackable area.

Love the wide workspace designed for the suite (: 
Each suite depending on the size of the area consists of a single room aka studio plus a bathroom. The studio functions as the pantry, workstation and rest area. Different studio layout has different sizes. For the bigger sizes such as 454 square feet, the studio can add a sliding room to have another separate space while for the 609 square feet, there are 2 rooms which are Director Suite and Junior Suite.

The pantry area is divided from the workstation or simply it be a counter and cabinets along one wall.   This REO Suite is suitable for young entrepreneurs and small business startup especially for those who are in online business which does not require a big team to operate. You can also see the endless possibilities and benefits that you can reap from the mall below this REO Suite as well.

I have to say that this REO Suite can be a choice for the single working adults who work from home. You get to work and have fun at the same. This would be the perfect place to own and everything you want in a prestigious business address and more.

The suite has colourful details making it a great place to work. It's more about a relaxed environment, away from harsh lighting and big empty rooms that I love since I enjoy small workspace to work on. Do check out this REO Suite and I am pretty sure you will love the environment here just like Google office. (:

The price for REO Suite starts from RM296,000. For more information on REO Suite, you can check out MCT's social media platforms:

REO Suite Website:

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