The New Definition of Makeup - THEFACESHOP CC Cushion ❤

Following with the mega hit of Oil Control Water Cushion, THEFACESHOP introduces a new lineup for CC Cushion makeup. These are an advanced new cushion that has the color control functions of CC Cream and the moisturizing abilities of cushion foundation for long-lasting moisture without any tautness and radiance without any darkening.

I had to admit that I have a lot of BB Cushion with me right now. But this will be my first time having CC Cushion from THEFACESHOP and I will be looking forward to try it out! *wide grin'*

"What is exactly CC Cushion?" 
It is an advanced new cushion that has the colour control functions of CC Cream and the moisturising abilities of cushion foundation for long-lasting moisture without any tautness and radiance without darkening.

Selfie with THE FACE SHOP CC Cushion (:
The product applies ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid that provides deep moisturizing for the healthy, moisturised skin all day long. Besides that, the micro-collagen ingredient keeps the skin soft and firm and has flower essential formula that contains 7 different flower oil essences for bright skin expression. 

The new ‘THE FACE SHOP CC Cushion consists of 2 types - CC Intense Cover Cushion and CC Ultra Moist Cushion.

CC Intense Cover Cushion is suitable for customers who want perfect, flawless skin without flakiness or clumping and high coverage. Available in 2 shades - V201 (Apricot Beige) and V203 (Natural Beige), it is clinically proven for 25 hour-lasting moisture and coverage effects. It also provide strong coverage effect which even hides blemishes and greatly adheres to the skin without heavy feeling or clumping.

CC Intense Cover Cushion
Major ingredients:
  • Contains flower complex of 7 kinds of flower oil 
  • Almond Oil - improve skin texture 
  • Calendula and Rose Oil - improve skin regeneration
  • Borage Oil - anti-inflammation, skin protection 
  • Rosemary Oil - anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation
  • German Chamomile and Lavender Oil - anti-inflammation, soothing 

CC Ultra Moist Cushion is good for customers who wants radiance that prevents chapped skin even in the winter season. Available in 2 shades - V201 (Apricot Beige) and V203 (Natural Beige), it is clinically proven for 25 hour-lasting moisture and radiance effects. It also delivers moisture and radiance as if applying essential serum. 

THE FACESHOP CC Ultra Moist Cushion
Main Ingredients: 
  • Ultra low molecular weight hyaluronic acid - great skin absorbing effects for healthy and moisturized skin all day long 
  • Micro-Collagen - keep the skin soft and firm 
  • Skin-like ceramide - softly and comfortably wraps around the skin and keeps the inside moisturised and the outside silky smooth 
  • Calendula Extract - skin regeneration 
  • Rosemary Extract - anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation 
  • Lavender Extract - anti-inflammation, soothing 
  • Phytoselina - brightening active ingredients of Atractylodes Rhizome Alba that provides brightening effect by preventing gene expression of skin darkening which is the initial stage of melanin production 

Check out the swatches I had done on the hand. The shade I had swatched is V203 - Natural Beige. I love the CC Ultra Moist Cushion as it provides moisture to my skin leaving my skin soft and hydrated all day long. On the other hand, I love the CC Intense Cover Cushion because it gives me enough coverage for my pigmentation on my face as no other BB Cushion can do for me. :D 

Check out some of the photos taken during the Hi-Tea session:

With Jasmine (:
Both CC Ultra Moist Cushion and CC Intense Cover Cushion are sold at RM83.90 each. Stay tuned to my review on these CC Cushions in my next blog post. For more information, kindly log on to

Thank you THEFACESHOP for having me! :D

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