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Hello readers! How are you guys doing? I am back again in blogosphere after so long. It's been a pretty hectic month and I was too stressful that I did not have the time to look for inspiration for my blog. Sorry guys! I will try to update more often starting from today.

Anyway a couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try out a skin treatment from Pink Passion. It's been few months since I had my facial / laser treatment and this time I have decided to try out this E-Light Derma Lift treatment which is their new service in the beauty centre. 

Located at Sunway Mas Commercial Centre, this beauty centre is easy to be recognised because the exterior of the shop is painted with pink since the name of the centre is also Pink Passion. *hehe* Upon walking into the shop, all of the items which are displayed are in pink colour. So lovely! *winkz*

Let's get back to the topic on the treatment - E-Light Derma Lift Treatment. (: A short introduction on the treatment. This E-Light system mainly works based on technologies of bi-polar radio frequency. Using IPL + RF energy for hair removal and skin rejuvenation which includes improvement in wrinkle, skin lifting and acne & pigmentation removal, improvement in vascular or capillary lesions (telangiectasis). 

The machine which is used to perform E-Light Derma Lift Treatment 
Since my skin condition was pretty dry, so the beautician told me to try out the skin rejuvenation treatment. I was ushered to the room which has pretty lights hanging on the wall. It feels like I'm in Christmas mood now. *hehe* 

First of all, she cleansed my face before the facial scrub for cleaner and fresher face. She also did some extraction on my face which I find it not painful at all. Luckily my skin condition is still fine because I do not have much blackheads to be removed. 

Later on, she applied the cooling gel mask on my face before starting on the E-Light Derma Lift treatment. 

It was so comfortable that the I dozed off when the cooling mask was still on my face. Later on, she washed off the mask before putting another layer on the mask to start on the E-Light Derma Lift treatment using the machine. 

The beautician also reminded me that there will be some laser heat on the face and you will feel some burning smell when the treatment was going on. Since I tried number of lasers before, I find that this treatment is bearable. It feels like ant bites on the face which I find it common in most of the treatment. 

The beautician did half of my face to show the results of before and after the treatment. I was amazed totally. I even took a photo of it to show to you guys on how this machine worked wonders on my skin. 

My skin is firmer on the left side after the treatment. (: 
IPL (Intensive Pulsed Light) -  Different skin tissues absorb different amount of lights, target tissues with high IPL absorbability (such as hair follicle, surface red capillary, collagen) will get destroyed or heated up by getting much higher IPL energy than surroundings. 

On the other hand, the heating caused by interaction of RF Energy and dermal resistance can be transmitted to dermal layer to stimulate the collagen fibres to regenerate and re-arrange, which help the skin in better condition. Meanwhile with the contact cooling which is the cooling gel application on the face, it helps to protect the epidermis effectively, making the treatment safer to undergo. 

My skin is looking more radiant and firmer after one session. The beautician also reminded me not to exposed to sun directly especially after the treatment. I can apply sunblock products with SPF 15 and above and use more hydrating skincare products with natural ingredients. 

For more information on the E-Light Derma Lift treatment and other services provided by Pink Passion, do check out their website for more details: www.pinkpassion.com.my. Thank you Pink Passion for the awesome treatment. 

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