[Beauty Review] Kji & Co. Lip Staysss Lip Balm Essence ❤

Holla readers! I am back with a review and this time I am going to talk about Lip Staysss Lip Balm Essence from Kji & Co. I think most of you would have their star product, 24Hours Eyeliner Injection and to be honest I always thought they are selling only products which focus on eyes. I was super excited when I received Lip Balm from this particular brand. 

Kji & Co. Lip Staysss Lip Balm Essence
"Kji & Co. is one of the leading suppliers of semi-permanent color cosmetics and cosmeceutical products in the world. Their mission is to empower women to be at their beautiful best through quality affordable products that care for their well-being."
I received three shades of Lip Staysss which are Dolly Blush (Light Coral), Baby Pink (Pink) and Seductress (Dark Pink). Each lip balm comes in a cute floral packaging. It's a small tub which can fit one lip balm and it can be easily fitted into the bag.

Kji & Co. Lip Staysss Lip Balm Essence is a semi-permanent lip balm which is made of natural hydrating and moisturising essences, lip plumping conditioners and gentle yet rich color to give the smooth, soft and inviting lips. It conditions and helps heal dry, cracked, dull lips to promote healthy, attractive lips. 

This lip balm lasts longer than the ordinary lip balm I have on my makeup desk. It glides smoothly on my lips leaving my lips soft and supple. However be careful not to apply layer by layer and it might make your lips super oily as if you have a layer of oil on the lips. So it would be best to apply in one application / swatch. 

The colour on the other hand is neither transparent nor translucent especially on the Seductress shade which is on dark pink shade. As for Dolly Blush and Baby Pink shade, I am not able to see the colour clearly on lips but not on the back of my hands. 

For Seductress shade, I am able to see the dark pink shade with only one swatch. Since I personally do not like obvious colours on my lips especially dark pink and red, I would prefer to apply once on my lips for the dark pink color. If those who preferred to have darker pink shade on the lips, you can layer it number of times till you get the desired tone or intensity of the shade. 

On Seductress (Dark Pink) shade
As for the Dolly Blush and Baby Pink, colours are not obvious as compared to Seductress (Dark Pink). However, I can use these two shades as a base before I apply any lipstick on my lips to ensure that my lips are moist enough and does not crack. 

For a price of RM26.80, I think this lip balm is worth buying since my lips does not crack ever since I started using it. In fact, I like how it gives a layer of moisture on my lips and it last longer than I had expected. This fragrance-free product is easily applied on my lips as it glides smoothly (crayon-like texture). 

For those who are interested to know more, you may check out the Lip Staysss Lip Balm Essence @ http://kjinco.com

Disclaimer: Photos taken above are not edited and the tool was sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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