[Beauty Review] Kji & Co. 24 Hours Lip Spa ❤

Who does not want beautiful, pink and juicy lips? I think it is the dream of having plump lips for every girl. Today I will be sharing a beauty product from Kji & Co. with you guys - Kji & Co. 24 Hours Lip Spa.

This proven three-in-one, anti-aging lip spa set uses pure, natural lip care ingredients that help lips stay moisturised and youthful all day long. It helps to lighten lip discolouration and reduces fine lines on lips while restoring full plumpness in just 24 hours.

Top to Bottom: Lip Tattoo (Lip Tint 1), Lip Masque Treatment and Anti Age Lip 2
The 24-hour Lip Spa set consists of Lip Tattoo, Anti Age Lip 2 and Lip Masque Treatment. Let me start off with Lip Tattoo 1 which gives you a pretty pink shade on your lips in 1 minute. It is a semi-permanent lip color and lip lightener in one. 

Lip Tint 1 

This soothing blend of natural plant extracts lightens discolouration from smoking, the ageing process, etc. It also restores a naturally healthy pink tone to lips in as fast as one minute. Best part is that the natural luscious pink lips will leave others wondering what's your secret. *winkz* Did I tell you that it is also safe for use on lips, cheeks and eyes as well? Amazing right? 

Immediate results after 1 minute! :D
The next step is to use Anti Age Lip 2 which gives smooth and supple lips within 1 minute. A fast-acting lip-plumper and line-filler that helps heal cracked and parched lips and diminish lines in just one minute. It plumps and fills lines effectively with hyaluronic acid (a compound naturally produced in the body but reduces as we age) minus the pain, swelling and high cost of invasive procedures. 

Anti Age Lip 2
It also contains Yuzu fruit extract, a citrus fruit from Japan and Korea, high in vitamin C which provides extra protection against the sun, helps prevent discolouration, as well as offers a pleasant citrus taste. Lips take on a youthful suppleness and feels soft and comfortable, appearing plumper, and more pinky. 

The texture on the other hand is slightly sticky. Hence you do not need to apply so much on the lips. Remember to apply the Anti Age Lip 2 after the Lip Tint 1 from the previous application has dried completely. This is to avoid the Anti Age Lip 2's brush to get tinted from the Lip Tint 1 and to avoid uneven application of Anti Age Lip 2 on the lips. 

Try to apply Anti Age Lip 2 lightly over lips only paying particular attention to problem areas.

Smoother and softer lips after using Anti Age Lip 2
The last step is to use Lip Masque Treatment on the lips. Lip Masque Treatment is a lavish lip masque in stick form that works overnight to rejuvenate dull tired lips, reduce lines and restore hydration for healthy pink succulent lips upon waking. 

Lip Masque Treatment

It contains active ingredients such as crushed white tea tree trunk to slough away dead cells, and peppermint extract and shea butter to condition, nourish and smoothen lips. Its antioxidant activity fights free radicals and keeps lips protected to preserve the health and youthfulness of lips. 

Before going to bed, try to apply 3 or 4 layers of Lip Masque Treatment to give your lips nourishing care through the night. Best part is that there's no rinsing required. *winkz* I love the texture after applying the lip masque. It makes my lips instantly moist and hydrated during the night. The next day, I felt that my lips are soft and does not leave any flakes on my lips since I sleep in air-conditioned room most of the time. 

More plump and hydrated lips after using the 3-step Lip Spa! :D
This Lip Spa definitely a good product to try since it protects and hydrates my lips for 24 hours. I do not have to carry any lip balm out with me 24/7 like how I used to have at least one in my handbag. Kji & Co. 24 Hours Lip Spa is sold at RM148 and it is now available at http://kjinco.com. Say goodbye to flaky and dry lips! (=

Disclaimer: Photos taken above are not edited and the product was sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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