[Beauty Review] G9 Skin First Lip Stick ❤

Hello readers! Today I will be sharing my review on 5 lip sticks shades from G9 Skin - G9 Skin First Lip Stick

It's been awhile since I reviewed lipstick products and I am glad to review them today. I have 5 shades with me and I will be reviewing each of them and which colour / shade suits me best or my personal favourite. =) 

G9 Skin First Lip Stick
When I first received them, I was so happy because I always love playing colours on my lips. Since I have sensitive i.e chapped lips most of the time, I am quite careful with the products used on my lips and most of the time I only apply lip balm on my lips before applying any lip products. This is is to hydrate and soften the lines on my lips.

I was given 5 shades to try out which are 01. Midnight Red, 02. Dry Rose, 03. Dazzling Pink, 04. Peach Brown and 05. Vintage Red

Let me start off with Midnight Red shade. I do have a few similar colour like Midnight Red and this shade is the shade that I seldom wear because I only wear it occasionally for party or when attending events. 

G9 Skin First Lip Stick - 01. Midnight Red
It's a bright red colour and normally people with fair skin will look pretty good in it as it helps to enhance the lip colour if you wear this for parties. This Lip Stick is also easier to apply on the lips with just one swatch. The colour is pigmented to my liking. 

Yours truly in Midnight Red. What do you think?
Next colour would be Dry Rose. This colour has a sweet pink undertone which is suitable to be worn on daily basis. You can also choose to create gradient tone on the lips to look more natural. 

The shade looks natural when I swatched on the back of the hand but when I applied on the lips, it looks slightly darker on my lips.

The next shade, Dazzling Pink is another shade which has the bright pink undertone. It is definitely suitable for ladies who have fair skin as it brings out the colour on the lips. 

G9 Skin First Lip Stick - 03. Dazzling Pink
Most Koreans have fair skin definitely this is the right colour for them to wear them out everyday. As for me, I can choose to wear occasionally as this colour is too bright to my liking. However, if you are wearing pastel colours outfits, this is definitely the right lipstick to choose if you want to wear it with the pastel colours. 

What do you think of this Dazzling Pink on my lips? 

Peach Brown is a nude shade that everyone will love it. With brown undertone, this shade is suitable to be worn daily. For me I think this shade has too much of brown undertone which makes my skin look slightly dull. However, you can choose to create gradient undertone to make it natural or top up with lip gloss to make your lips pop. 

G9 Skin First Lip Stick - 04. Peach Brown

Vintage Red is the last shade I am going to review. Every shade of G9 Skin First Lip Stick is so pretty. 

G9 Skin First Lip Stick - 05. Vintage Red

I like how this Vintage Red portray the classic vintage look. I should have styled my hair to 70s hairstyle to bring out that vintage look. The deep red brings out the colour on my lips even though I put on natural eye makeup. 

Here are the swatches of the lip colour on the back of my hands. 

Overall I am happy with all the shades. The texture is somewhat light and it feels like I am not wearing any lipstick on my lips. On the other hand, I was surprised that it does not dry my lips like usual ordinary lipstick and creases badly. This is a plus point from this First Lip Stick from G9 Skin. In fact after wiping off the lipstick, I skip the habit of applying lip balm and go straight to bed and still it leaves my lips hydrated and does NOT CRACK at all. This amazes me a lot! 

If you were to ask which is my favourite shade, I would say I love them all because they look perfectly gorgeous on me! My personal favourite would be the Vintage Red which is the shade I am wearing below. This shade somehow creates some mystery and yet it brings out the colour despite my natural make up look. 

So which is your favourite shade? For more information on G9 Skin products, do check out their website here @ www.g9skin.com or Facebook @ www.facebook.com/G9SkinMY

Which is your favourite shade? =)

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