[Beauty Review] I Bleached My Hair For The First Time ❤

It's been awhile since I go for hair colouring and I am fortunate to be able to try out the new Promaster EX Color by Hoyu Professional a couple of weeks ago. I always wanted to try those bright colours on my hair and I did not have the opportunity to do so due to my profession. When I finally had the chance to do so, I told myself that I need to get my hair bleached for at least once in a lifetime. 

My current colour

My current hair colour - a mixture of red

I was greeted well by the hairstylist, Max from Hairworx who would be assisting me in picking the right shades for my hair. Since I have not bleached before, Max reminded me that this would be a long process of hair colouring and bleaching at the same time.

I did not want to bleach the whole head. So I opted to bleach the bottom part of my hair.

He sectioned my hair into half and started bleaching my hair. Each bleaching took quite a while. Max told me that my hair is rather black so it took awhile to get it bleached. 

The process of bleaching went on for another hour or two and he had to bleach it at least 3 times to get the desired results. 

2nd time of bleaching

3rd time of bleaching 

After the bleaching session was over, he washed my hair and this is how my bleaching part looks like as shown in the photo below: 

Since I wanted to try ash grey so he mixed grey with a little of blue colour for the highlights and ash brown for the base. Max used the Promaster EX Color series from Hoyu to dye my hair. Promaster Ex Color is a very intense PURE colour tone in each and every colour tube that suits for Asian's hair. This means that the colour can be much more long lasting as compared to the ordinary colour. 

Hoyu Promaster EX Series is the perfect Lift and Deposit hair colour. With its unique palette of single pigmented tones, Promaster EX allows the stylist to be in control and to custom make colours. The (N) Natural and (B) Brown lines are extremely flexible base colours that can be mixed with desired tones to produce excellent grey coverage. Promaster EX delivers natural and long-lasting shades that are sure to please a wide range of hair types.

HOYU, a premiere hair colouring company, has not only earned the largest market share in Japan, but is also one of the leading providers of hair color and hair care products in more than 70 countries. AS an ambassador of the joys of hair coloring, Hoyu's slogan "COLOR YOUR HEART" expresses our desire to add dimension to people's lives through an extensive line of innovative hair color and hair care products.

Before and After. 

The color has no bad odour during application. When the hair stylist rinse my hair after application, I can feel the hair has lesser tangle than the ordinary hair colour I have tried before. It gives me a healthy conditioned hair with outstanding shine, moisture and manageability which I love it. 

The grey colour at the lower section of the hair 

A selfie taken after blow dry and curl (=

With Max, the hairstylist 

The grey colour turned out to be so pretty. It was one of my favourite colour I have ever tried. I definitely did not feel regret trying out that colour. 

A mixture of grey, red, purple and blue on my hair.  My hair is no longer dull like before! 

For more information on the Hoyu Promaster Ex series, do check out Hairworx Facebook page: www.facebook.com/HairworxStudioSdnBhd.

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