L'Oreal Beauty For A Better Life Programme ❤

A few weeks ago, 21 young Malaysian women from underprivileged backgrounds celebrated a new beginning as certified hairdressers and makeup artists after 12 months of training with L'Oreal Malaysia's Beauty For A Better Life programme, made possible through a partnership between the National Council of Women's Organization (NCWO) and the Vocational Training Opportunity Centre by YWCA.

Congratulations to all the 21 graduates! 

In Malaysia, the very first Beauty For A Better Life programme kicked off in 2016, providing disadvantaged young Malaysian women with training and skills in cosmetology, particularly hairdressing. 10 women successfully-graduated from the programme last year, and 3 of them immediately secured a job at Centro Hair Salon in The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur after completing their training.

L'Oreal Beauty For A Better Life Malaysia aims to equip young disadvantage Malaysian women without access to education to help them obtain a recognised certification in a professional hair and beauty course so that they can find jobs in this field through a partnership between NCWO and the Vocational Training Opportunity Centre by YWCA.

Jean Loh, Corporate Communications Director of L'Oreal Malaysia gave a short introduction on the programme 

This year, L’Oreal Malaysia expanded the Beauty For A Better Life programme to include a new category: Beauty Care. With an explosive growth of 18% in the market demand for the makeup category in 2017 alone, this provides many job opportunities for talents in the makeup sector. The Beauty Care programme encompasses six months of comprehensive training that includes makeup, bridal and nail courses. 

Graduates of the programme also had the chance to intern at leading cosmetic stores such as shu uemura, Urban Decay and YSL Beauty, allowing them to experience first-hand the colourful world of makeup.

After a 12 month-long programme, the 21 participants graduated at a lively ceremony, held at the Vocational Training Opportunity Center (VTOC) and attended by their proud instructors and family members. The graduating class of 2017  put together a graduation hair and makeup show, showcasing their skills by presenting three different looks – Glamour, Romantic and Rock.

The graduates with the trainers and the models 

Rock, Glamour and Romantic look done by the graduates

All 21 participants of Beauty For A Better Life 2017 were also presented with graduation certificates during the ceremony. Now, as certified hairdressers and makeup artists, these young women are ready to make their mark in the beauty industry.  Congratulations to the graduates! 

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