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Holla readers! Today I will be talking about beauty products that I have tried for almost one month now. I am lucky enough to review A:Concept Make Your Concept Black set all thanks to Althea Korea. I was so excited to try this out because Girls' Generation's Taeyeon shares that her No. 1 make up secret is using A:Concept's all-in-one brightening cushion compact (whitening, UV protection and anti-wrinkle) and lipstick. 

A:Concept Make Your Concept Black Set 

This brand features a unique, stylish, trendy, all-in-one cosmetic concept that is easy to carry wherever you go. Established since 2013, the name A:Concept means the one and only cosmetic concept designed for you.

This A:Concept Make Your Concept Back Set has 2 variations of shade - Shade #21 Light Beige and Shade #23 Natural Beige. Each set comes with a Brightening Cushion + Case, Refill of Brightening Cushion, 1 Lip n Cheek and 1 Lipstick.

The cushion contains Hyaluronic Acid, Bifida Ferment Lysate, Propolis Extract, Collagen, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract thus, it lights your skin tone one level up. Propolis does have proven antibiotic and antiseptic properties and may also have anti-inflammatory effects which is really good for those who have sensitive skin. 

I like the idea of the packaging where it has a compartment for a lipstick in this cushion compact. This is definitely perfect for those who carry small clutches to attend events as it fits perfectly into the clutch with its compact packaging. Whenever I am on the go, I like to touch up a little on my under eye and nose area and lipstick as well, so this is the PERFECT cushion compact for me.

Before and After. It brightens up the skin instantly. 

The cushion brightens up the skin instantly with one application. It feels hydrating on the skin which makes it comfortable to be worn for long hours. The cushion has great cooling effects as it contains aloe vera as ingredients. This is definitely great if you can touch up before a party as it helps to brighten up the skin.

Overall coverage is ok but it can't really cover up my dark eye circles. With one single application, I think it's pretty decent enough to cover up some imperfections on my face. 

L-R - A:Coral Lip+Cheek and A:Red Orange Lipstick

Moving on to the lips and cheek products next. It comes with two types of lip products which are A:Coral Lip+Cheek and A:Red Orange Lipstick

A:Coral Lip+Cheek is a 2-in-1 product available on both cheeks and lips and be can be used on both lips and cheeks. This Coral colour is suitable to be worn on any skin tone as it complements the skin pretty well. The texture is rather creamy and smooth. With one swatch, you can get the desired colour as it is pigmented. 

I always enjoy applying lipstick using finger dabbing motion. This is to create softer-looking lips. Since I have dry and chapped lips, normally I will apply lip balm on my lips before applying any lipstick to prevent cracks on my lips. 

Since I put on a thin layer of lipstick, the colour looks natural on my lips. I moved on to using the same Lip+Cheek product and apply on the apple of my cheeks to use it as blusher. 

I marked 'XXX' on the apple of my cheeks and blend it out with my fingers. This creates a natural looking with this A:Coral Lip+Cheek product. 

Used A:Coral Lip+Cheek product on both cheeks and lips. 

Moving on to the A:Red Orange Lipstick. I wiped the previous colour on my lips and put on some foundation to create gradient-colour lips.

Tap off some foundation on the lips to create gradient-colour lips. 

The A:Red Orange Lipstick comes with Orange-Red hue that will brighten up your complexion even if you put on natural makeup. 

You can create a bolder orange-red looking lips or use a dabbing technique by dabbing it with your fingers to create softer / lighter shade of orange-red shade. This velvet matte finish lipstick is not transfer-proof and easy to match / wear for any occasion. It comes with great colour payoff too. 

For a price of RM106, I think it's pretty affordable because it comes with a cushion compact, a refill pack for cushion, one lipstick and one lip + cheek pencil. It's definitely my go-to makeup items as it is easy to carry along in my bag. This simple chic black case attracts me the most since I have not come across such cushion case with a compartment for lipstick. 

What do you think of this look? (=

If you are looking to own one, it's the right time to get it as it is now available in Althea Korea. For more details on A:Concept Make Your Black Set, you can browse it at http://my.althea.kr/make-your-concept-black-set

Have you gotten one yet? (=

Thank you Althea Korea and Butterfly Project Malaysia for the opportunity to review this set! (=

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