I am back again! This time i am free to blog cause my finals was over!! HOORAY! =D

This time I am not looking forward for my three months break at all. Cause i want to take short semester. Initially my friends and i managed to pick up a few subjects to be studied in short semester and to my despair, the stupid admin of UTAR cancelled the subjects to be taken in short semester. WHAT THE ......????!!!! What's wrong with this! What the hell are you trying to do? I managed to register it. SO WHAT??? This stupid admin cancelled it cause they received too many complaints from students who were unable to register. Damn! This flexible timetable system is totally based on first come first serve basis! IDIOT! grrr...

And right now i gotta crack my brain to decide on whether to take my year 4 subject. Cause i dont want to go back to Taiping and rot. First and foremost, my sister is currently in KL. That means i will be all alone in Taiping with my parents. Secondly, if i am not planning to take short semester, i need to work to cure my boredom. But my parents dont let me work in KL. =( They prefer me to stay in Taiping and do my normal routine - eat, sleep and jog. The only thing i can do now is to pray hard so that i can take short semester. If i am in KL, i can spend more time with my sis. XD

I have a lot of things to be done in this semester. Trying to make this year's semester break a meaningful one cause i will be doing internship next year. =( How time flies.! That's the end of my year 2 semester 1. ARGH!!

Am going back to Taiping in few days time. This time i am looking forward cause i can celebrate Mooncake Festival with my friends and family. =D And I am glad to drive back. Thanks daddy for the permission for letting me to drive back home ALONE! XD The long journey will be awaiting me to explore. *winkz*

Cant wait to go back to Taiping and date with my Lake Garden. XD Here i come! =) My aim for this semester break is rather big. Too many tasks to be accomplished. Seriously i am looking forward. Just hoping that things will go along my way. *love*

My latest picture. I hate my fat face. :(

P/s: More blog posts are coming since i am so free. =p
Pp/s: Together we will work hard to achieve our dreams, girl. :) Missing you. XD
Ppp/s: All the best to my seniors who havent finish their finals. =D


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