Promise is MEANT to be BROKEN. XD

Sorry that i promised my readers that i will stop blogging till my finals over.
But too bad i cant.
First of all, SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all my dear friends.
Sorry that i couldnt come back and have gathering with all of you.
Currently having finals. =(
Hopefully everything will go along my way.
I believe that everything will be fine if i choose to believe in it. XD
And to my dearies, 'all the best for our finals'!!
Believe that we CAN do it okay!!!??
You guys will have my support with you forever and ALWAYS. =)

A photo to brighten up my day. =p

My cute sis and i. XD

By the way, I had my parents came to kl yesterday and bought me alot of FOOD. *winkz*
The sweetest parents i ever have! =D *love*
And sis, finally i got to see you after so long.
Whenever we see each other, the noises will fill the air. *teehee*
Cant both of us keep quiet for a second? =p
Anyway, i wont be meeting you till i'm back in KL again. =(

*more posts are coming after finals over!* =)
*emo-ing for now* *sigh*


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