Study Mode In KL. XD

Haha. I know it's a bit too late to write this. But just to share with you guys what did i do during the past whole month in KL. Of course this time, i didnt go back to Taiping for my study week. First, i felt i wont be able to study well cause somehow i needed some guidances and advices from seniors and friends.

It seemed that having my study week in KL could be that fun. Unexpected things tend to happen along my way. But i got to learn a lot of things. Just felt bad towards my parents for not able to spend more time with you since i was too busy preparing for examinations. Sorry mum and dad. Somehow i felt delighted to have my study week in KL. Our relationship had strengthened. We shared problems, studied and played together. Hopefully things will never change somehow. =)

Most of the time i spent my time studying outside rather than at home. From National Library, Island Red Cafe to Old Town and university as well. =) Here's a few shots we took during our study time in National Library. Hehe. Funny pictures out there.

Check it out! --------------->

I am so hardworking. =p


Sien? Aiyo. Sleeping? "Study please!" =p

Sien was busy concentrating while i disturbed her. lol

My serious look with sien's happy look.

The other way round this time. haha

Playing with huei's hp. XD

Slacking awhile before continuing my study. :P

My ss pic. :)

p/s: Off to Subang to see my dear lil baby. Wonder how is she doing? hmmm.