Best Weekend Break

Photos below were taken using Canon EOS 600D.
Location: Taiping Lake Garden.
One of the best weekend in this semester. 
Wanna know why?
Bro and his gf were in Taiping too. ♡
Of course i would be in Taiping to spend some quality time with them.

A shot of me in Lake Garden
Bro's gf, sis and i.
Ignore my look. *buddha pose*
Signature jump shots
Funny poses. 
Stretching my legs up to 90°. *proud*

More photos will be uploaded soon. To be continued. 

P.s: Sorry readers. I'm currently busy with my FYP, so i dont have much time to work on longer posts unless i have to. But i will try my best to update them even though i'm super busy. I will not abandon my blog because my bloggie is my one and only place to voice out my opinions and problems. ♡

P.s.s: Rejected a photoshoot from a magazine due to some unforeseen circumstances yesterday. Hope to receive a good news from them again. ♡

P.s.s.s: It's my bestie's birthday today! Happy 23rd Birthday my dear! ♡

Taken using Polaroid camera. 

♫ Lucky - Sam Evans & Quinn Fabray ♫



  1. LOL! Nice goofy pictures. :)

  2. long time i didnt visit the lake garden in taiping already.. used to go there during chinese new year :)

  3. jamie: thanks bii. :D

    ken: come come, ill show u around. :D


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