Photoshoot ♡

Photo was taken in Memorial Park, Taiping (somewhere near the Maxwell Hill for those who doesnt know). It was just a random photoshoot anyway. I put on my simple and casual outfit on the day cause the weather was so freaking hot and it burnt my skin! I dared not wear singlet cause i'm afraid that i might get sun stroke. Anyway, it was the best weekend i ever had for this semester cause bro was in Taiping together with his gf to attend a special dinner. *teeeheee* I even skipped Saturday's class just to come back. LOL! For more photos, you can check them out in my facebook profile tagged by bro's gf. Argh! All the ugly photos are up! Omg. =.=''

P/s: Trying to improve my skills here. Hope you guys don't mind. *Shot was taken by sis* xoxo