I learnt on how to be a more doughty person. I dared myself to pick up on challenges without worrying what comes ahead in the future. If i didn't do so, will i be able to learn and be what i want in future?  Someday i will find myself doing well in future.

Pretty simple? Nah ah! Don't judge a book by its cover. Learn to understand the processes that each of us are taking before coming up with conclusions. Don't think that it's easy to be what you aim for. Definitely i believe it pays off for what you had did. Keep pushing yourself and think positive always. Never look down on yourself and be more confident in everything you do. Whatever comes first, pull it through. Success comes after numerous failures you have done!

Learn to be alert and capture the things fast. 
P/s: Things happen very fast. They struck as fast as lighting! Try to familiarise yourself with something new coming on your way. Be assured that you will get what you thirst for. Stop pretending to be someone you don't like for all these years. Move forward and start to change!

♫Pretending by Finn and Rachel♫

with love,
-longing to find a kindred spirit-


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