Long or Short?

After nine months of not cutting my hair, my hair has finally grown up to my waist. It is my first time keeping to that length. After making a tough decision which i already can't stand myself sweating under the hot weather and thick long hair, i have decided to cut it. 

Imagine myself having that length of hair.

and i chopped it off to this length?

Sis said it made no difference and no one can actually spot it. But to my surprise, a good friend of mine spotted it right the next day i went to uni for class. Awesome! haha.. That proved it did make a difference on my hair... :P 

Before and after. 

So what do you think? Some of my friends asked me to try on shorter hair. But for now i won't be doing it cause i need the long hair for my big day. Prolly i will only try it after my big day. For your information, i really miss my waist-length hair a lot even though i cut it for only a week. What to do? My hair ends spoilt badly=( I told myself not to dye my hair anymore even though i did numerous of hair treatments at home every three days. Hair colouring chemicals are not good for hair at all!

❤ lotsa love, janiceyeap 

❛Many things in life can bring you down, but it is not for you to focus on them. The key is to keep being positive❜


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