Premiere Screening of The Hunger Games ❤

My first movie of the month of March. Well, i didnt expect much from this movie since i don't read the novel. But thanks to my friend for giving the tickets to me. I didn't join any of the contests since i don't have much time to watch. My friend said i should just take some of my time to relax cause he said i looked so stressful with tonnes of assignments, reports and discussion to go on.

So here i am for the movie. I would say it is kinda draggy. But i really love the story. =) Finally i have the time to catch up with a good friend of mine after so long. He was busy working and i was busy with my final semester in uni. =.=" Thanks for spending your busy time for me and not forgetting the treat too. :D I saw my sis during the premiere screening. But we didn't sit together cause the seats are based on first come first served basis. 

Anyway people out there, you should give yourself a try on this movie. Liam Hemsworth is acting in the movie!! =D 

Thanks Nuffnang and my friend for the invitation. 

lots of love, janiceyeap


  1. how do you get the ticket? :P hehehe

  2. I m not ranting though, hahah glad u enjoyed urself at the screenin, who was your friend who brought u along? =)


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