Hectic Month of March ❤

Hello readers. Sorry for the late update. Anyway starting from today onwards, i will be very busy chasing after my assignments, FYP, mid term tests, workshops and revision as next week i will be having two midterm tests in a day! Pretty cool huh? I have no idea what was the teacher teaching for the past 8 weeks and he didn't even teach us in fact and how am i supposed to know what kinds of questions are coming out? *loud cry* 

Here's a random outing with friends after the whole day of discussion in uni. We went for movie entitled The Wedding Diary and it's been awhile since i last went for the free movie. Aww.. How i miss those times! =( Anyway check out the photos i have taken using my Samsung Galaxy S2. ❤

Posing with huge slipper of Stitch!
Posing with Mickey, my favourite cartoon since young. (Eyes are super tired)
I love the toddler's shoes from Nike. It is even smaller than my palm. ❤
Camwhored using my baby Sam. P/s: I love the front camera a lot! ❤
Had my Herbal jelly from Koong Woh Tong before my movie started. *thumbs up*

These few hours in the shopping mall gives me some time to relax and chill before going for another big war which is coming real soon. (My war is my final test, dreadful Plant Design and FYP report deadline) *sigh*

P/s: Please help me to pull this through. I need some moral support from you guys and God too! Won't be blogging that often till i can spare some time blogging about my pre-graduation shoot with my friends on last month. ❤

❤ lots of love, janiceyeap™ ❤


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