Premiere Screening of StreetDance 2 ❤

Sorry readers for the super late post. I was really busy with tons of assignments for the past one month and i don't even have the time for myself. So right now i am actually working on my FYP slides which i need to do my presentation on next Tuesday! Wish me luck! I seriously need that luck cause my moderator is super strict. =/ 

Anyway i was invited by ChurpChurp to attend the premiere screening of Street Dance 2. I brought my sis along cause i know she is a big fan of street dance. =) The story line is not interesting. All I was interested were the dance moves. 

In the end, Ash and Eva won the competition where they combined the latin dance into their street dance moves. Hooray! 

P/s: Finals is on this Thursday and there goes my final semester in UTAR! Bye UTAR! Welcome to the new stage of life, Janice! 

❤signing off, janiceyeap™❤


  1. I've watched the StreetDance 2 movie with a great joy & It's really great to know that Janice yeap also like this movie.


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