Run or Stay?

Shall i just run or stay? I could not bear to take it anymore. It is kinda depressing when you are not able to solve it. Previously I can do it. How come after several attempts I can't solve it anymore? Anyway i was referring to my FYP. Imagine your own supervisor does not even guide you ever since you started your FYP in the beginning of Year 4 Semester 1! Yeah i know we need to be independent. But NOT TO THAT EXTENT where he does not even care about your FYP. And the BEST PART is that HE DOES NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE SOFTWARE I AM USING! Effin 'cool' right? Don't know about the software then how do you call yourself a professional engineer? Even dare to give me such title to do!! Eff!! 

I feel like committing suicide right now. Just kill me now. I'm sick of it totally. 



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