2 Days More to My Freedom!

Yes. I can't wait to call it off - my degree life. That's it. I just want to end it nicely before i enter the another new chapter of my life. 

My love, baby Stitch. 

Went back last week for only two days after my second paper since i didn't meet my parents for almost 4 months. I also could not believe in myself that i did not even step into Taiping ever since my CNY break. My first time staying away from home for so long and yes i seriously miss home. 

Imagine i had only two days with my parents and I shared all my 4 months of degree life's news and updates in just within 2 days. Everything had to be in short and simple as possible. My life in Taiping had turned me into introvert as i just want to spend more time on my couch and my huge bed at home. The weather was wonderful too. Everyone in my twitter timeline complaint the hot weather in KL and i am the only one who was complaining about the cool air in Taiping cause it rained for almost everyday. I shivered almost every night and had my thick blanket on. The feelings were superb amazing! 

How could i just leave Taiping with such nice weather? I seriously left Taiping with a heavy heart the other day. Mummy and daddy almost spent their busy time just for me so that we can chit-chat nonstop from my future plan after graduation to my current study life. Where will i be heading to after my graduation? Should i just stay in Taiping and work and spend more time with family? Or should i just work in KL and buy a new house for my sis and i to stay? I totally have no plans for that yet. 

Daddy was giving me a pretty good offer which i was kind of reluctant to reject it. Perhaps i should consider. But still there are many aspects to be considered. hmm... Please don't bug me with these stuffs so soon? Cause i never really have a good rest every since i stepped in my final semester of my degree life. FYP sucks badly. But of course with great friends and lecturers around, my degree life wouldn't be that lively and exciting. I wish to keep these sweet memories and hope all of us will keep in touch again.

My Nikon partners in crime - Jun and Shan during PIKOM PC Fair in April. 

My crazy dearies whom i gonna miss a lot in future. =) 

With our cute lecturer, Dr Low during my Plant Design 2 presentation.

Somehow the things i regretted the most in UTAR are not having close relationships with some of my course mates. But it is ok. I think it was more than enough for me cause i have really great friends around me supporting me while i at midst of giving up on my studies. Thanks for the encouragement and support you guys gave me! 

Right after my finals, i need to rest well and not forgetting to blog more to make my bloggie alive! I need to attend a lot of bloggers' events and know more friends during the networking session. =)

P/s: Rome was not built in a day. Remember that every effort you have made before hand will lead you to a successful life in future and be strong to your will and determination to achieve success. 

❤ signing off, janiceyeap ❤

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